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The Sky Is All Brainblows!

Published on Dec 17, 2014 by SMIshroomery321

WTF is in my air supply?? Here is the sky in Myrtle Beach, SC USA ~ No Precip, High 62F, Low 45F, Wind 10mph SE, High Tide 3:50pm

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3 Responses to The Sky Is All Brainblows!

  1. Swifty Lomax says:

    The rainbows mentioned here,IMHO, aren’t rainbows at all but a ring around the sun from all the polluted air .

  2. NC says:

    Looks like the rainbow is on fire.

  3. Darzak says:

    That “rainbow” is called a “chembow” for a reason… it is due to the chemtrail pollution and nothing else. Apparently the aerosols they spray have some type of refractive properties. I have witnessed these “chembows” frequently here in Indiana, but I have not seen the upward-curved type before. I have seen the “angel wing” type, where the chembows are at one or both of the sides of the solar radiance like parenthesis; much like the sign we used to see when there was to be a snowstorm in winter by looking at the radiance around the moon just prior to a snowstorm. I expect we will see a lot of other strange things in the days to come. Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, Momma!
    Strange days, indeed.

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