7 thoughts on “The Spending Bill

  1. Guy on left ” pheww, I’m glad dad can’t read…
    Guys in middle oye this guy is a real smuck, vat an idiot!
    Goy on the right, I wonder what stormys doing tonite….

  2. Oh..
    And here’s the section in the talmud where it says that we need more funding to diddle little boys and girls under 3 years old.

    The President replied…

    I was kinda wondering about that…

    Because now I don’t feel to bad about raping my first wife when we met each other.

  3. “Oy, Vey… we did the arithmetic, and it looks like there are a few pennies left that we haven’t already stolen. Why do you abuse the Jewish people this way? Haven’t we suffered enough?”

  4. And right here, at the end of this huge book it says god loves the Jews the best!
    THIS is why you must fight for us in WW3 and give us your beds when we are in town!

    And remember, we have all the best Tushy’s and Kushy’s dirty pictures!

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