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After her performance at the United Nations advocating a global for-profit education scam, Malala Yousafzai has been garnering some attention again, especially from folks in Pakistan. It seems my site isn’t blocked anymore in that country or at least people have found ways to get around it since I’m getting a bit of traffic coming from there.  

Pakistanis know that this Malala psyop was a scam and they are willing to say as much, that is those who aren’t on the payroll of the neoliberal influences in the country.

Yesterday I received an email from Lori Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government. I don’t usually publish emails but in this case I wanted to in order to show you what she sent me… it’s a mash-up comparison of little Malala and a character from the film Wag the Dog.

Dear Scott,
I love your posts on Malala.
It was my first attempt at photoshopping an image.
You can use it, as long as attribution to is given.
Will link to your Malala post to and it will be in the next CLG Newsletter.
Lori Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government

The image Lori sent me (click on image for larger view).



I have to admit, I loved the movie and reference it often, but I had not made the connection between the fabricated “victim” in the film used to create public sympathy for a fictional war in Albania and “Little Malala”.  It is an apt and rather striking comparison if you ask me.

In the film, they needed something emotional in order to get people behind their fictitious war of distraction, so they go to a studio and create the Albanian girl scene with a green screen and some CGI.

In the case of Malala, they needed another emotional context to motivate the people of many 1st world nations to fork over billions of dollars to pump into private companies for the “education” of millions of kids who are not yet learning the marvels of free market Western Chicago School of Economics style colonialism, so they created the “LOVE Malala!” campaign.

They’ve done this many times from Jessica Lynch to the Incubator Babies story to that woman who claimed to be gang raped by 30 or so Libyan military guards leading up to Hillary’s illegal war of aggression over there.

They even tried to create a similar campaign when Georgia attacked South Ossetia.

It’s a old standard of operations for the propaganda crafters, so much so that the makers of Wag the Dog decided to highlight it in the hopes that We the People would start to take notice whenever they do it again.

Thanks to Lori Price for sending me this image and the nice email.

2 thoughts on “The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Wag the Dog, Malala – From Citizens for Legitimate Government

  1. Indeed, it is a very good movie. Touching at the end where the dog follows the casket at the end of the movie. May have seen that in the MSM a few years back…


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