7 thoughts on “The Staple Singers – People Get Ready

  1. Thank the Lord!!! Great song.
    The dead in Christ shall rise first, then they which are alive and remain shall be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air , so shall we ever be with the Lord. Romans 10: 9,10 is all you need to get ready. So simple, eternal life through Christ.

  2. I also believe, that Christ said…love is the greatest and something as, forgiveness is next…and so who knows…but christ…I believe lived…and at that time there was no christian religion….and here we are….
    Certainly is a beautiful musical piece….

    1. rbeason, Christ did live and still lives cuz God raised him from the dead. This is what sets him apart. Christian in a nut shell, is Christ in. It’s definately not a religion. Simply God and his family. People that have confessed Christ as Lord and believed God raised him from the dead make up the body, and Christ is the head. Man makes religion, not God. Again, thanks for the great song.

  3. hweinhard…how absolutely beautiful…with jeff beck and rod stewart….
    first for me on this one,…..very beautiful is but what I can say!!! !!! !!!

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