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The Story of the Bill of Rights

Published on Sep 3, 2015

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5 Responses to The Story of the Bill of Rights

  1. Katie says:

    The Bill of Rights, absolutely essential to our national character.

    It was not written in legalese because it came from the people.

    Great post!

    • galen says:

      Yeah, I knew it wasn’t perfect, Katie, but it was still a wonderful presentation, almost perfect. And very clearly stated. I certainly got a deeper understanding. And I saw in some of the commentators faces, a real love of The Bill of Rights and and understanding of its epic importance.

      Sometimes I envision a Million Man Bill of Rights March, right there in D.C. Really though, it would be more like 10 million.

      Gee, I wonder whom I’d like to see lead the march. Hmmmm….



  2. galen says:

    Because of Henry I have one of the cleanest clocks in the world. Gets cleaned every few days.



  3. galen says:

    Katie, I think what it is, is that we look for morsels of hope, and they gave some of those here, appealing to our emotions. I did catch when they quickly inserted the 14th and misrepresented its purpose, but I did not see how the whole thing was a manipulation to sell that and keep our eyes off the original Bill of Rights, especially the 9th. Today’s broadcast really brought it all into focus.


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