The Tier 5 Unemployment Extension May Yet be a Possibility

The White House is proposing a one year extension of unemployment benefits.  Apparently a raise of two tenths of a percent in the unemployment rate has made the issue extremely important once again.  Of course if those who have run out of unemployment were reflected in that figure, the number would be closer to 15%.  In fact, if all the unemployed who are desperately looking for a job were counted the number would be 20% or more.

This scenario just goes to emphasize the fact that the government uses the manipulation of the true numbers to justify their inaction.  The details of the proposed one year extension are sketchy so it is hard to tell how we 99ers might be affected.  What we can be sure of is that if there is any way our system can screw a poor person, it will.

I have to believe it is the noise the 99ers have been making that has brought the issue of unemployment extensions to front and center.  Those who are running out of benefits right now have not yet reached the point of militancy.  So every 99er had better be ready to unleash a firestorm if we are cut out of the one year extension.

If you have been watching Fox News you can’t have missed the blatant disdain in the voices of the million dollar commentators in having to talk about unemployment, rather than pushing for an extension of the Bush tax cuts for themselves and their billion dollar masters.

Vice President Biden was attacked on Fox News yesterday for saying that extensions of unemployment benefits are the best avenue for job creation available to our government at present.  I do not like Vice President Biden and agree with him on very little, but according to the experts at the Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office he is correct in this instance.  Unemployment monies are basically spent immediately, as those that receive them are just barely getting by, thus those monies are immediately circulated all through the economy, which creates an increase in consumer spending.

One of the few things the Republicrats and the Demopublicans can agree on is that consumer spending fuels job growth.  So Vice President Biden’s critics must be dismissed as they are obviously parroting the thoughts of the special interests who want to see all monies being spent by the government channeled to the pockets of the rich.  I guess what it is coming down to is the fact that human beings cannot eat wars.

Those propagandists who are left to play second fiddle in reference to tax cut extensions for the top 2% have been reduced to degrading themselves to the lowest levels.  To watch them whine for the tax cuts extension brings to mind the character Gollum, from the book, “The Lord of the Rings,” the tax cuts extension being “Their Precious.”

I whole heartedly support extending the Bush era tax cuts to those making $1 million or less per year and I think this is a generous stance.  I’m sorry, but if you are making more than $1 million per year you are going to find very little compassion in the streets of America today.  Of course being a realist I must state that if the tax cuts for the top 2% are allowed to expire, the revenues that will be generated will not be used to bring down the deficit, no more than revenues created by spending cuts will.

I was shocked the other day to find out that McDonalds received bailout monies.  This has to be considered an outrage.  Harley Davidson, who is at present building a new assembly plant in India, also received bailout monies.   As long as we keep paying big business to screw the American worker, they will continue to do so.  And any monies recovered from the corrupt rich, through spending cuts and or taxation, is going to be sent down the rabbit hole where it will eventually wind up right back in their pockets.

Like I said, I don’t know where we 99ers fall into the equation in reference to a one year extension, but I believe we had better be watching out of both eyes and be ready to attack at the first indication that we might be excluded.  As impossible as it may seem, a Tier 5 unemployment extension may yet be a possibility.

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  1. Well, we have a President who ran to Afghanistan to hide from the unemployment numbers that were just released for the month. And now we have the Democrats that are putting forth a meaningless vote today for the tax cut for $250,000.00 or below only, knowing full well that it will undoubtedly get shot down by the republicans. Not even all Democrats agree and will vote with the republicans.

    Can you believe all of this childish bullshit going on? It’s like watch children fight over who gets to sit in the front seat on a family road trip. We have a wishy washy coward for a President, and spoiled children in Congress. God help us.

    Now, the President is going to announce a new agrement with South Korea about a 11 billion dollar trade agreement with them concerning automobile trade. Great, but it won’t do a damn thing to improve the jobless situation one iota. He is going to try and use this to hide from the unemployment situation.

    These idiots have to know that there will be war if there is no extension for the 99ers.

  2. I received my unemployment claim again this Friday indicating that I do not qualify for any additional funds $.0.00 So on Monday I will refile on line.again!!!! if we all keep filing we will be counted in the new claims filed stats Do not stop!! keep filing 99er’s
    we will not be ignored! keep filing!! each and every time.


    1. My last filing will be tomorrow. How do I keep filing after that? Just like I did before even though it won’t accept the claim? This is the end of my 4th Tier.


      Las Vegas, NV

      1. Las Vegas, NV,
        Continue reporting in the usual manner. If they try to cut you off from reporting, call your report in by phone, they will try to tell you not to report anymore. Tell them that the unemployment numbers are calculated through the weekly claims. Demand your right to be counted as unemployed and looking for work. Demand it, this worked for me.

  3. Both the Baucus Bill and the Schummer Bill (Tax cut for those making under 1 million, plus unemployment extension for 1 year) were voted down this morning. Sick that 315,000 (0.3 %) wealthy people are more important than 20 million American Citizens and their families.

  4. Henry, are you (or a member of the staff) posting a link to this site in comments sections of current online articles?

    The nation-wide rally is a great concept…but how are those sympathetic to the cause being recruited?

    Any chance you will be promoting repetitive rallies?

    How about rallies on the weekends so that friends and family of American (i) unemployed and (ii) 99ers can participate?

    Just askin’.


    1. An American in Peril,
      We are at present promoting the Rally with every spare minute. If others would do the same we might very well gain enough people to start planning specific dates. Also we have on the site a Think Tank where the Rally was actually hatched. If any 99er wishes to start planning any specific event all they need do is email us, describe the event, and we will create an individual page for it. The site also features a chat room. 99ers can put forth a post asking others to join them in the chat room at a specific time to participate in a specific discussion.

  5. I need to know when we are going to rally on these matters.I for one will be there,and do believe we need to go to Washington,and shut down (thru peaceful rally)all traffic in and out of the Capital Building.If it comes down to it through all the bums out of office ourselfs.They are suppose to be our employees,so why can’t we through them out in the street with no more pay.These employers did it to us.RIGHT IS RIGHT!It’s time we standup and put the politicans back in their place.DOING WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT,not what their rich family and friends want.Think about it and let me know soon.

    1. Chris,
      You are absolutely right. It should be a simple matter of firing them but the fact is we now have political dynasties which have become entrenched, thus it is going to be a chore to get rid of them.
      As for the rally we cannot go forward until we have sufficient numbers. We need thousands and we do not even have one hundred yet. I personally work daily spreading the message of the Rally in as many venues as I can. Maybe the 99ers need another eight months of deprivation to bring them to the reality of the situation, which is those in power are not simply going to give us what we seek, but rather we are going to have to take it.

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