6 thoughts on “The time for the Dangerous Man is Now!

  1. Well, except for calling the founders “true warriors” he sure made it clear that it is we who have to be the biggest threat to tyrants, even if history forgets us and no king grants us land. Ha! What’s it matter anyway, if we’re rightfully reclaiming what’s ours?

    Not sure he knows how connected both Trump and Biden are to the communist agenda. Also, says he’s not calling for violence but that we have to be ready to fight when the time comes. Why does violence get such a bad rap? Is violence not powerfully spiritual when it slays evil? Yeah, each decides his or her moment.

    I think his heart is in the right place. Hope he finds his way to The Trench. I like how he summarizes:

    “It’s gonna take people that are willing to lose it ALL, to gain back our freedom, because if we do not do that then we’ve lost this battle.”

    Hmmm… “willing to lose it all.” Five words not easy to live by, but five demanding the best of our humanity.

    Jus’ ’cause I’m talkin’ don’t mean I ain’t scared.


  2. It’s going to take those who are ‘willing to lose it all’…… and those who have nothing left to lose

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