The Time Is Upon Us To Choose,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT or Submit!

My Fellow Americans, And Freeman Around The World,

The Time Is Upon Us To Choose,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT or Submit!

It is painfully clear now, that the global war to enslave all of mankind is now in full operation. 

Let it be stated clearly here,… THERE IS NO EPIDEMIC!, except for a massive outbreak of sloth, idiocy and cowardice.

The Global Cabal that David Rockefeller so proudly spoke of, has made their move, and they have put the entire planet on lockdown.

They envision that people will continue to behave as well heeled sheep, and follow the yellow markers to our extermination, which will likely been accomplished through the mandatory vaccines which will be brought to bear in the shortcoming.

NOW, is the time that try men’s souls, as we are faced with the deep knowledge and understanding of their designs and intent, and see it’s execution occurring in real time.

Take our freedoms, ALL of our liberties, our jobs, food, money, reduce us to abject poverty, and reduce us all to little more then feral animals completely dependent on their handouts for survival,…. as THIS,. is their plan, and their rallying cry at the moment.

It is our job, as humans, men, women, AMERICANS,.. to not let the light of liberty be extinguished so easily! We have ourselves, our families, and our future generations to safeguard, and safeguard them we will!

These Self-Anointed Demi-Gods are not gods!, Their barely even human!,… they are treacherous low-life scumbags that have gained their wealth through theft, deception, dishonesty, corruption and outright murder in so many cases, and are now using what they have stolen from us, against us!

How insidious they truly are…. even Satan admires them with a tinge of envy.

I now ask you to ask yourself,… what are you prepared to undertake to fight for our Rights, our Liberties, and our most sacred of all our possessions,… Our Freedom!!??

They have gone all-in to take this seizure of the planet to their expected conclusion,… life and endless wealth for them,… and death to all of us except the few needed to serve them.

I do not see them relenting, stalling or turning back at this point, I can only see their fiendish efforts to continue this epidemic masquerade to strangle all of mankind.

NOW is the time for you to set your mind right,… to decide,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT Or Submit!

Since they are using the tyranny of their domestic terror operatives called police and other agencies, the fight will start with them. There is no way around this.

We will protest, they will send their Gestapo to harass, detain and arrest us.

They will strip many of their firearms before the shooting starts, but once it does start, you have now gone all-in!, You cannot turn back, we can not relent in anyway.

All of these cops who say they are there to serve you, will be the first to shoot and kill you, your wife, husband, daughters, sons, friends, neighbors, coworkers,… hell,.. even your family dog! which they have already been accomplishing for years.

YOU,.. have no more value in their eyes, then the dog they just shot!

I find it personally regrettable that there really is no other option here, but those that choose to betray this country and our principles by serving on their jack-booted services, have agreed, with great enthusiasm sometimes!, to exterminate you and your family with smallest of provocations, and will certainly do so when directly ordered to do so!

This is what we all face,… and face it we will!

This requires you to be organized with others for the fight, and when the fight starts, we ALL must be as ruthless and unforgiving as possible!


They are to be exterminated with EXTREME PREJUDICE, as is their families, homes,.. and yes,.. even their pet dogs,… just like they are about to do you, WITH GREAT ENTUSIASM!

This is the Grand Take-Over that Henry and I warned our listeners about back in 2013, and 2014, 2015 when they tried this tactic with the West Nile, SARS, and MERS fake epidemic, but they FAILED to get it to the next level,… but they have succeeded this time, and it is clear,.. they intend to go all the way with Operation: Enslave Mankind!

Get ammo,.. guns, storable food, and whatever else you can, this will be a long and ugly fight, but we outnumber them a million to one,… literally.

Prepare your mind and bodies for the coming fight, get yourself right with God if you are so inclined, and above all,… realize we are about to engage the greatest battles mankind has ever seen,… but we have no choice, they picked the fight, now,… we must settle the fight!

Good Luck ALL my Freedom Loving Fellow Human Beings,.. we’re not just fighting for our Freedoms,.. but for our very right to simply exist!!!

JD – US Marine Fighting Global Tyranny.

9 thoughts on “The Time Is Upon Us To Choose,… Liberty Or Enslavement,… To FIGHT or Submit!

  1. days are getting shorter , shock up on things you will need . There 3 houses on my one lane road we have talk about what maybe coming and what we will have to do . Now the time to get it into your head it’s not going to be pretty .. Don’t Tread On Me

  2. Well stated JD except I must dispute the use of the word “human”.
    “hu•man hyoo͞′mən►
    n. A member of the primate genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other apes by a large brain and the capacity for speech.”
    I am a member of the family of mankind and do not consider myself a decedent of apes!

    1. With all due respect, Jill, you have injected your personal beliefs, which you are entitled to and which I would die for, in such a manner as is irrelevant to the content of the article.
      I am a large carnivore who will viciously attack and kill any threat to my liberty or that of my progeny and in doing so I am protecting your right to define yourself as you choose as I have the right to define myself as I choose. And that is a right I wouldn’t recommend anyone to dispute.
      We put our personal beliefs aside and come together as a people composed of individuals, each entitled to our own personal thoughts.
      Again, with all due respect, your statement is irrelevant to the subject matter at hand.
      If you don’t want to fight beside this human, you sure as hell don’t have to, but when I am done fighting it will be liberty and I will think what I want to think.
      I would never suggest pressing my personal beliefs on anyone. It is that one page with those ten Articles, fact of law, and everything else is irrelevant and divisive. Let’s get our freedom back and then you can sit around all day and consider yourself better than this warrior via your personal interpretations and I care not, as long as you never make the mistake of trying to force your personal beliefs upon me.

  3. It is great to see you back, JD! 🙂

    ALL points here are spot on and well said. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is off the table when they have done worse to US already. Just because these tyrants haven’t merced you or yours personally YET, doesn’t mean they or theirs are undeserving. It’s self defense at its core. They have and will, given the opportunity, do the same to YOU. Make no bones about that. It’s time to steel your mettle and find your war face if you haven’t yet. Wetwork and guerrilla.

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