3 thoughts on “The trending moment of the day: “Let’s go Brandon.”

  1. The latest catchphrase for “F&$k Joe Biden!”

    These reporters are pathetic. They think they can twist the obvious. They really think we are that stupid.

  2. Thanks for proving that the media is complicit in all this propaganda and terrorism against the US population
    The fact is , that reporter heard exactly what was being chanted , yet lied to the entire fucing world about it
    And it’s exactly what they have been doing to the public for decades
    Nothing but lies and propaganda

    Yeah .. let’s go Brandon should be a new war cry
    Because everyone fckin knows what it means
    It means not only Fck JB
    But fuk everyone working to screw this country and it’s people over
    One of these days something this simple is going to get out of hand
    And than it’s time to do what we’re all here for

  3. If you play Stairway to Heaven backwards you can clearly hear Fck Joe Biden

    and by the second verse you can clearly hear Fck them all , and the war they are waging

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