The True Video that is Causing the Middle East Uprisings

The communist Obama Administration’s Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said the upheaval in the Middle East is a response not to the United States’ policy, not to the Administration, and certainly not to the American people.  It is in response to a video, a film, of course referring to the 14 minute trailer for the movie, Innocence of Muslims.  Said movie we now find out does not even exist beyond the trailer, which represents an open insult to the Muslims in the Middle East,

This assertion is like every other thing we are being told by the international socialist insurgent government in our country.  It is an out and out lie.

When Obama and his soviet socialists released the video of the drone hit on Al Qaeda leader second in command, Abu Yahya al-Libi, a Libyan national on September 10th, the Muslim response was calculated and absolutely predictable.

The Arabic version of the 14 minute trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist was released a week before as a shill for the video posted on Monday.  And then Ambassador Stevens was sent to a sparsely guarded consulate where he and three of his staff were killed on September 11th in the ensuing melee.

The death of the Ambassador is nothing more than a cold and calculated assassination, orchestrated and carried out by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad for the purpose of giving the Obama Administration an easy path to an attack on Iran before the 2012 Presidential Election in November and more importantly before the October Elections in Israel.

At this point in the ball game the plan has backfired.  The uprising in the Middle East has gone out of control and we the American nationals of the United States are not falling for the ruse.  The mainstream propaganda says they (the Muslims around the world) are attacking “our” embassies (not representative of we American nationals) and burning “our” flags (again not representative of our Constitution) and so we (young American nationals) should invade Iran.

The embassies the people of the Middle East are attacking no more contain members of a United States constitutional government than does the White House and Capitol in Washington DC.  These embassies with USA stamped on the outside of them are nothing more than militarized outposts through which US military might is applied on the indigenous peoples for the enforcement of international Zionist corporate policies.

In short, they are there to protect Zionist international corporate interests, which as witnessed in our own country, have nothing to do with the interests of we the American nationals.

The red, white, and blue flags we see burning on our televisions are not being burned as a representation of we the American nationals, but rather as what they truly are in the Middle East and that is a representation of the international Zionist corporate tyranny being inflicted on the peoples of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia.

If the people of the United States were to rise up, who would we be going after?  We are supposed to get upset at seeing a KFC restaurant burned in Lebanon.  How many home town restaurants in the United States have been put out of business by KFC’s international franchise?  Maybe we might attack one of these Home Depots or Wal-Marts that have been instrumental in destroying small businesses in the United States.

The people who are now part of the uprising in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia know who their real enemy is and who is stealing their natural resources through international thugary.

The international Zionist elite are trying to con we American nationals into attacking those who are trying to expel them from their countries.  This would be cutting our own throat as it is the international Zionist elite who are our common enemy.

We should support the peoples in any other country who are taking on our common enemy, the international elite as, in the end we are going to have to take them on ourselves.  These are the same international elite who have stolen $32 trillion from us and continue to steal our natural resources, hand over fist.  Our enemies’ enemies (the people throwing the Zionists out of their country) are our friends.

The Obama Administration will now try to use the lie of the 14 minute trailer as being the cause for the uprising to justify an executive order for a government takeover of our internet communications.  We must concentrate all of our efforts in defying this enemy advance and let them know we know who our enemy is and it is not the people in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia who are trying to kick the international Zionists out of their sovereign countries.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “The True Video that is Causing the Middle East Uprisings

  1. Hi Mr Shively,

    Your anaylsis of the current “unrest” and the Embassy attack are of course spot-on.

    Allow me to expand on a certain aspect of the whole Embassy-Affair to emphasis your point.

    Little Background: As a Former US Marine,.. I can tell you that any US Marine that wishes to stay in the Corps and make it a career reaches a point during there 2nd or 3rd tour where they need to do whats called a “B-Billet”,… Boot Camp Instructor, 8th & I (such as the Marine Silent Drill Team),.. Embassy Duty, and a few other options.

    When some of these Embassy Marines rotated back into our unit, I was awaiting Medical due to lower spine and shoulder injuries, so I was made the billeting Sgt for the Barracks.

    I would always talk with them about the nature of what they had done,.. especially the Embassy Duty guys as they ALWAYS had great stories to tell, plus they would tell me about the specialized training they would receive.

    This was the B-Billet I was considering before my injuries,.. so I always had a ton of questions for these guys and spent untold hours pulling information from them on the nature of this “B” Billet, believing I was going to get fixed up and allowed to remain on duty (As it was, my shoulder was to torn up, and I was rife with symptoms of what would later be called “Perisan Gulf Syndrome”) and so was medially discharged after two years of surgeries and treatments.

    Current Situation: The Embassy where Stevens was located, found, killed, is the one in Libya, although the details are still being muddied and some stories versions say Stevens was just outside the embassy.

    I can tell you, and every American right now, any foreign Embassy is “normally” staffed by US Marines, specifically for two reasons:

    1) We are the sharpest looking and the most disciplined.

    2) We are specifically there to provide security during ANY type of “threat” situation,.. translation – Secure the perimeter, lock down the compound, account for and remove all personal to a designated “safe location” (which EVERY embassy has),.. and to of course,… kick ass and take names if they are dumb enough to try and prosecute/infiltrate the compound area.

    Given that Libya is still highly volitile, that Embassy (and anyone like it) would be designated a “High Treat” target,… meaning,.. the US Marines at that Embassy are specifically trained to expect unannounced and highly violent attacks at any time, with little to no appearent provacation.

    Summary,.. there is NO WAY those Marines or any Embassy Security Detail should have been caught off guard,… it just is NOT going to happen.

    The ONLY way it can happen is,.. if the Defensive Posture, Procedures, and Readiness Capabilities (think armaments/ammo) were INTENTIONALLY degraded to the point where the Grounds, Embassy Proper, and Personnal were MADE quite vunerable,.. bar none.

    It is wholly IMPOSSIBLE that any US Marine security detail would be that lax, that unprepared, that stupid,.. in such a hostile hornets nest, especially when we have Embassy all over the Mid-East for decades and have pretty much encoutered every type of treat potential anyone can think of.

    The CIA/MI-6 and Mossad were clearly responsible for co-ordinating that attack via their franchise,.. Al-Qaeda, but!,.. the degradation that occurred to make the compound and staff susptable comes from only one source,.. the White House.

    This means,… Obama and his Murder Inc cohorts are directly responsible for the death of a US Ambassador,… another war crime to run Ocrapo up the flag-pole on.

    Stevens and the others killed were sacrificed on the Alter of Political Theater, with a greater and escalating goal of intiating WW3 as the ultimate objective.

    The question for Americans: How long are we going to allow this to go on before we are also placed on the Alter Of Political Theater, and sacrified here at home just so these PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge) can further their One World Government Agenda?

    It is time to abolish this treasonous gov’t,.. but they exterminate us.

    Thats it,.. there is no other viable solution.

    JD – US Marines

    1. JD,
      Those Marines guarding the consulate in Benghazi where Stevens was killed did not have live ammunition in their weapons. Kind of like in Beirut when the Marine barracks was blown up there. The guards on the gate were ordered to jam their clips in their rifles upside down, for safety of course. And again of course by the time they wrestled them out, turned them around, and reinserted them it was too late.
      The Marine Corp should be getting a little tired of this by now I would think.

      1. Hi Mr. Shivley,

        Ok,.. thanks. You are better apprised of the details than I am,.. but you just clearly annotated what should be written into the “After Action” report when they anaylsis this.

        You just described the very points I was emphasing, which is:

        1) “Those Marines guarding the consulate in Benghazi where Stevens was killed did not have live ammunition in their weapons.”

        This is a perfect example of a “Policy Decision” that will normally come down directly from the White House, or indirectly from the White house via the State Dep’t (thereby granting the WH “Plausable Deniability”)

        It’s intent is specifically to negate the ability of the Embassy Security Team (usually Marines) to answer any challange in an timely and authorative manner,.. in other words,.. leave their ass hanging in the wind.

        2) “The guards on the gate were ordered to jam their clips in their rifles upside down, for safety of course.”

        This is a perfect example of a “Procedural Decision”, designed specifically to degrade the ability of the Sentries to react with immediate and Deadly Force should circumstances warrant the use of Deadly Force.

        This kind of Procedural Degradation could have been disseminated directly (or indirectly) from the White House,.. our could have been interjected into the Embassy Security Protocol chain from several points, but it would have to have been authortative in nature (meaning a senior ranking officer or a command officer in the upper political chain) otherwise the Sgt. Of The Guard would have simply ignored any such directive for the nonsense that it is.

        In a hot bed of violence, hate and unrestrained vengence like Libya,.. to degrade the capacity of Embassy Security Detail in that manner can only be done with deliberate intent to render them easy targets,.. period,.. bar none.

        Its actually a miracle more of our people were not wasted that day.

        Hats Off to Mr. Shivley once again for getting this out to the American public.

        JD – US Marines

  2. Outstanding post, Henry, every word of it true.

    Another insightful comment, JD. How would you like to get together on Skype tomorrow with REDHORSE and myself? I’m going to visit him.
    Let me know sometime today.
    # 1 NWO Hatr.

    1. Hi NWO Hatr,

      Yeah, sounds good.

      I’ll be available after 7pm tommorrow night (9/16) Eastern time.

      You have my email,.. shoot me a message with what time and I send you my Skype info.

      Talkwithyousoon – JD

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