The Ultimate Institutionalized Lie

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8 Responses to The Ultimate Institutionalized Lie

  1. Koyote says:

    I can’t watch it all. The desire to reach through the screen and choke that fool is to great…..

  2. Freedom Paluzza says:

    He looks like the devil, the father of lies!

  3. Bob M says:

    Look at all the freedom you brought.

  4. daman * says:

    All wars are Rothschild Zioinst BANKERS wars and as soon as you realize that and stop fighting them you win…. isn’t it ironic that Hitler was Time’s man of the year in ’38 or 39 and after printing his own money backed by Germany that is when he became a villian……… The civilized Allies of WW2 murdered over half million German civilians in one night when they fire bombed the cultural city of Dresden and starved to death over 1 million German civilians after the war in an open air concentration camp…..think about that

  5. Rebel Son says:

    As more and more of the truth is revealed about WW II, the more obvious it is that The United States should never have gone to war against Germany (or for that matter, Japan). I have been searching for the truth about Germany, the German people (my ancestry), Hitler, The Third Reich, and German history in general, for many years. As with most of my study about history, I have learned just about everything I had ever been taught in school and collage was a lie. I realize there are many (most) people who have very negative opinions about Hitler and the Third Reich. That being said, I urge everyone to research pre WWII Germany and listen to Hitler’s speeches, as well as read what world leaders (other than those who wished to wage war against Germany) had to say about Hitler and the Third Reich.

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