The United States Corporation Will Use Nuclear Bombs On Its Own People, Count On It

The evidence is written in stone, literally all over the United States, starting with the guide stones; they want you gone. Anybody who thinks otherwise is ignorant; those bombs are there for a reason, to kill people, not just from other enemy countries, but from the enemy within, the American National.

Anybody who gets in the way of Globalization, the well being of the billionaire, is on the nuclear hit list. It’s just too easy to use, thousands of devices around the nation saddled up for the kill. If you think your safe, your an ignoramus, these Jew monsters are from another planet, they don’t give a damn. Anything that can take away a threat will be used, simple as that. 

We aren’t living in the 50s and 60s anymore where the American People come first, all patriotic and all that, now we are living in a subjugated nightmare that the Globalist pigs know isn’t going over well, hence the little red button. If you think that those nukes won’t be turned on you, you are living in a dream world fantasy land.

Welcome to 2020, the new America, the land of the subjugation of the 2nd article, the land where police murder the people that they’re supposed to protect, where it means nothing to turn their back on the American National as trillions of dollars magically disappear.

Try and understand people, you and I are the enemy.

4 thoughts on “The United States Corporation Will Use Nuclear Bombs On Its Own People, Count On It

  1. Joe Biden told us so

    And as sick as these fcks are , I believe em
    The stupid runs deep , like lineage deep
    Inbreeding deep
    If they can’t take it all from us
    They will destroy it
    Unless …..

  2. HENRY GROVER saw the US MILITARY firing rockets from one side of america hitting targeted cities on the other side of the country,and you know they’ll blame it on russia or china,or some one else,AND THEY FIRED HUNDREDS OF THEM,the demonrats warned they would use nuclear weapons on their own citizens…NO ONE believes it,their back is against the wall,IF CAPTAIN STUPID IN THE WHITE HOUSE KNEW HIS FRIENDS ARE DEMONS,he might send them to GITMO,its been empty for years now,the Marines are still there waiting for customers to be sent there…GET READY TO FIGHT THESE DEVILS,THEY WILL BE COMING….

    1. “the demonrats warned they would use nuclear weapons on their own citizens”

      This is horseshit and it is sucking right into the right-left paradigm for a civil war. There isn’t any difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They are both international communists.
      If they fired missiles at the west coast, especially at the cities, they would be killing their own people, and every, that is every, American would pick up a gun and go straight at them, and they f-king know it. That is in every city, county, town, and municipality, coast to coast.
      This is just another ruse, and let’s face it, a piss poor one, to get us to divide into the R or the D camp. The fact is, I do believe it is an R that has the nuclear codes and the key currently. This is a f-king empty threat and this punk son of a bitch that made it should already be waiting for a very short trial before his execution. I’m not going to shake and quiver over such ridiculous bullshit. All it does is show how f-king scared they are of the billions of guns and the hundred million who will pull the trigger.
      You fire a missile at an American, you instantly unite every American, which means you would have to have about 40 million nukes and be willing to fire them and be able to fire them or the Americans would just take you out like army ants at a picnic gone way wrong.
      Horseshit horseshit horseshit. To the f-king birdbrain making this threat, I say do it and do it now, if you can, because your doom is a certainty.

  3. Cue the samson option for the psychopaths, Mark.

    They wouldn’t hesitate one nanosecond to vaporize everyone if it means they can declare themselves “winner”.

    No one would be alive to hear it but did I mention “psychopaths”? Right, there’s that. ..

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