The United States – for Anyone but an American

Last week in Mexico, the traitor Obama indicated that he was open to using an unconstitutional executive order to enact universal background checks, because this is something that the Mexican government wants.  Another thing being discussed during the trip was US immigration law, and of course the American chief executive would be working towards the goals set forth by his Mexican constituents. Treason has become so commonplace that it barely raises an eyebrow anymore.

Meanwhile, to the issue of Syria: the Israelis, being true to their form, have again attacked Syria in an offensive operation, as headlines in the US seek to predict what extent the US involvement will be in this foreign war against a country that has not attacked the US – Zionist empire building by any other name.   

We are being told that our bunker busters are being bolstered and brought online in preparation for the invasion of Iran, both of these foreign entanglements being the last we American nationals want.  So much for the illusion of a representative government.

Immigration reform for the benefit of other people in other countries; wars for other people in other countries, confiscation of we Americans’ guns for other people in other countries, the right to sit on a US jury to be given to foreign nationals by the State of California, this is the one world government being crammed down the throats of the American people and it is all 110% fraud.

Any and every thing this insurgent government does and has done will be overturned after the insurgents are removed.  Every sleazebag foreigner around this world who has participated in this international fraud and murder, is going to pay the full measure, and that includes the international courts that have accommodated this Zionist outrage upon the world.  And surely it will not be the first time those who have judged will have been brought forth to be judged.

This was once the greatest nation on Planet Earth and it will be again, though we the people will never be the same and this is the greatest crime.  We are guilty of complicity through our negligence to guard that which is precious; hence after this Revolution for Restitution, we can never allow ourselves to fall back into a simple existence.

After the suffering has been completed, we must and will take measures to insure that our people stay diligent and understand that this country is our wealth and there will always be someone, somewhere, plotting to take it away from us.  We now have a full understanding of just how psychopathic and duplicit the lust for wealth and power can make human beings.

We need to get the job done, get it done right, and then let our mantra be “Until the end of time, never again.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “The United States – for Anyone but an American

  1. Excellent Job, Henry… Now, get outside and get your yard work done!!! hahaha Your burning daylight!

  2. All aware Americans should be VERY worried about Israel’s determined drive to war. Both Russia & China have made it clear they are determined to not allow Iran & Syria to be conquered by the West. This is the nightmare WW3 scenario. The Senate during the Boston Bombing Week declared that the USA will back israel in whatever it does.

  3. Excellent Article, Henry. Wish it was posted on every billboard around the country.

    Hey, I was just talking to my father in law (Chinese) who is visiting from China. He says that the Chinese government and news outlets are saying that Obama’s gun confiscation laws are useless because the more gun laws he tries to create, the more Americans will continue to buy guns and ammo. He says the government says that everytime Obama and the government tries to implement a gun law, the statistics of gun sales go through the roof in the U.S.

    So to all of you new people who believe that Obama’s rhetoric about masses of people wanting to ban guns, I just have to say that even the Chinese government and the people of China knows this is MSM bullshit. So don’t fall for it.

    We the people are going to take back our country and our government doesn’t have the numbers or the people to even come close to stopping us!

    1. I still stick by my story that Anonymous is completely controlled opposition. I almost worry about them as much as I worry about our corrupt government. There’s no way they could get away with doing what they are doing without government proxies around the world.

      Just like they are controlling our Global media with controlled opposition alternative media (AJ, Beck, Limbaugh and so on), they are trying to control our Internet media with controlled opposition Internet media (Anonymous)

  4. Next time Obummer goes down to Mexico, I wish he’d take my next-door neighbors with him.

    And leave them there.


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