16 thoughts on “The United States is Still a British Colony

  1. It’s going to take me a while to get through all this. I would recommend to share part lll first with those that think the government ‘is there to help’

  2. Is it a coincidence that when England got in over its ass in both WWI and WWII, that it was American soldiers that went over there and sacrificed their lives saving the british king. War is the real father and king of us all, and everything outside of that reality is pure jewish psyops.

    1. The nations of the world are realizing that they are OWNED and not free at all, never have been. Behind it all is a cabal that includes the queen of England at the top and the US Military and Vatican holding it all together. All three must be brought down, and all those assets need to be used to restructure a new world based on old traditions, God (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), emphasis on culture, education, and decent living standards for all beings on the planet. No more human bloodbaths.

      1. No, not based on God, that would be a theocracy and a violation of the 1st Article of our Bill of Rights.
        It is going to be based on individual freedom and liberty and that is also the freedom to believe or not to believe in theology.
        Everything else I would agree with.

        1. Liberty and Freedom were given to mankind long before my 1st Amendment of any Constitution. We were created with those rights, and the right of “free will”. Humanity does not acquire its rights from a piece of paper. Mankind’s choices made based on greed, and rule over other men, violence to kill and genocide nations in order to loot their resources — it is our choice and no Constitution or law written on paper can successfully impose the corrections needed. It takes the SPIRIT, and natural laws created from the beginning. Consider this possibility.

          1. Who in the hell do you think you are talking to?
            In the first place, they are not just Amendments to the constitution.
            The Bill of Rights were written and ratified law before they were ever attached to the constitution.
            I’ve forgotten more about the content, construction, and purpose of the ratifying and implementation of the Bill of Rights than you will ever know. I’ve brought that written law to life.
            I’ve had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and have served time as a documented political prisoner.
            You obviously have not read this site or you would never attempt to make such a stupid ass comment as this.
            You tell me right now is it Thou shall have no other God before me, or is it Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof? And don’t you tell me about spirit or free will because I have been a freeman all my goddamn life and I hope my profanity offends you.
            I will fight a theocracy as sure as I will fight Bolshevism, Marxism, and corporate communism.
            You do not have the authority to try to direct my mind. You have the right to your own beliefs and I’d die for that right, but I also have the right to not believe what you believe and if you try to force it on me, I have the right to meet that force with force and by God, I will.
            Before you open your f-king pie hole again, I recommend that you read this site so you know who you are talking to or else get your f-king ass back over to infowhores with the rest of the traitors who think they can force their personal interpretations of the Bible as law that violates my rights, which you cannot, because I do have my own f-king will and I will back it.
            My choices are not made by greed and I am not mankind, I am an individual freeman sovereign national of the united states of America and no mother f-ker tells me what road I will walk, got it?

          2. ‘Liberty and Freedom’ were not given, they are innate to every individual. We must have written law (Bill of Rights) to hold accountable those that violate those inalienable rights. That ‘piece of paper’ as you mention was fought for with blood shed and ratified by the people into Law. It serves notice to those that would infringe upon those inalienable rights.

          3. You are right. Our liberty was gained at the barrel of a gun, and the reason we wrote down and ratified our unalienable law is so we could cite it in our documentation for our affidavits for the enforcement of that absolute law in the common law courts. And as those courts have been removed, it has fallen upon us to enforce that law with that law under its 2nd Article just like our forefathers did.
            I swear, people will try anything to make that simple document anything and everything except what it was intended to be to make it harder to put all differences aside and realize that until we enforce it we are nothing more than corporate subjects without even the right to think for ourselves.
            Nothing like getting pissed off first thing in the morning, especially on a Frickin’ Friday. Something so simple as coming together as individuals to enforce the law, I think we need an electron microscope here, because the simple document written for a third grader to understand is just too complicated for the people with their own special interests to understand. Or maybe we should just let them know what the penalty is for violating our law and that they will face that penalty because that absolute ratified law is going to be enforced as written in fact.
            Good morning, Mary. 🙂

          4. Your means of force against a person that would enter your home uninvited to relieve you of your property is to impose the corrections needed.
            Now apply this to those in what is supposed to be govt. who are hired to secure your rights and property. No difference.

      2. Re: “…a cabal that includes the queen of England at the top and the US Military and Vatican holding it all together.”

        There is a tier above those; it’s based in Tel Aviv and rooted everywhere.


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