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“The Untouchables” – What are you prepared to do?

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4 Responses to “The Untouchables” – What are you prepared to do?

  1. Katie says:


  2. galen says:

    They have made us feeble, speaking only for myself and most of those whom I know in my life. Softies. Sold kindness and forgiveness, not bad things in themselves, but never served up with a side of self-preservation, and by self, I mean me, and all I love.

    They made us weak, Mr. Rogers weak, disguised as righteous human beings. Doormats would be more like it. It was all about not wanting to be a hawk. Hawks were bad, violent. We didn’t know doves were castrated.

    They distracted us, distracted us into eternal preoccupation, with all things trivial and perverse. We were weakened as parents, as educators, as doctors, as scientists, as philosophers, even as artists. Their agenda oozed over every facet of life, steering us away from our inalienable rights and our innate strengths.

    Henry is trying to bring us back, back to our essence. Damaged, I come crawling, wanting to be strong and fearless, a reject of a broken society, a lost society. Henry, every day doing triage, offering The Bill of Rights as our true First Aid, that which can heal and mend and restore. Henry is gift.

    At least now many see what they have done to us, tore out our guts and made our bellies yellow and our spines jello. Just seeing that is a step forward.

    These are morose words, but true from my mind. And I know that many Trenchers already have the stuff, and see the plan, and I thank God they are there. For me, it is a time of becoming un-feeble, in terms of self-defense, and defense against tyranny. Who ever would have thought this would be asked of me?

    Again, speaking only for myself.


    • Martist says:

      Very well said, Galen. You do not speak alone. Your voice is echoed by millions, whether they realize a remedy as of yet or not, but take comfort in knowing your feelings are a scream and not a whisper. The shots heard around the world are preceded only by the voices of those whose cries of respite and for freedom go unanswered. They’ll get theirs and they won’t like it. Preach on, Henry. Please!


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