The US and King Netanyahu’s War

It is truly amazing to watch the Zionist industrial war complex moving the pieces into place as they prepare to go forward with their Middle East invasion.  US warships are off the Syrian coast.  Missile batteries have been put in place in Turkey and Jordon.  And the ultimate excuse of stopping the use of chemical weapons is pulsating through the mainstream like a shot of heroin in a junkie’s veins.

It was relatively quiet yesterday in the mainstream broadcasts, indicating final calculations are being made for the media blitz that is to accompany the invasion, of which the main component will be the cause, the excuse, the explanation as to why we had no other choice.  There will no doubt be many foul-ups in the false flag that is to be portrayed as a precursor.  This is why the excuse will have to be pushed so hard in order to cover up mistakes.

The question is will the Russians allow themselves to be neutered through the assertion of the boogie man armed with sarin gas and if so, just how far will they let the whole thing go before they realize they are in the middle of a blitzkrieg?   I would think that the Russians may be thinking there will be such outrages committed in the early episodes of the invasion as to nullify the boogie man and justify a Russian military response.  In fact, their own secret agents may be working toward this end as we speak.

Is this what it has come to, false flags to counter false flags?  And what is being missed in all this intrigue?  Oh, that’s right, millions of innocent men, women, and children who are to be slaughtered as a part of the great blood sacrifice to Zion.

Are we as Americans calling ourselves Christians going to stand by yet again as genocide is committed in our name?  Or will we take this as an opportunity for redemption in stopping this outrage right out the gate?  If so I guess it is better late than never, though I would suppose there are a million dead innocent Iraqis that would argue to the contrary.

This question has become a simple one.  Are we the American people going to allow ourselves to yet again be ordered to war by the foreign head of state, Benjamin Netanyahu?  And make no mistake, when the first US jet drops the first bomb on Syria, this is what will have happened.

Lord, give us the strength to defy King Netanyahu.

8 thoughts on “The US and King Netanyahu’s War

  1. 109 times these psychopathic nut cases have been thrown out of country after country in history….for the 110th time coming up, can humanity put these jew scum onto some rocket and send them into outta space…obviously kicking these f#@kers out of countries is always just a temporary fix, just like rats…. they always reappear and create havoc!

    1. You honestly want them in control of outer space? Then our entire universe would be screwed! lol I say, “Attach all of the Zionists onto a rocket and send them into the SUN!”.

  2. Their three big C’s are Conspiracy, Conflict and Control. Like a Cancer they weave debt and destruction.

    Since the supreme court has given corporations unlimited funding of candidates and all politicians being the second oldest profession there is not a lot we the people can do about it.

    Read on the Rothschild and their bloodline take over of all power and wealth in Russia and weep for our tomorrow. Scroll down the left side of and listen to the first one or two tapes by the Irish Priest entitled build yourself and ark. Zionism is a disease of the soul.

  3. “Since the supreme court has given corporations unlimited funding of candidates and all politicians being the second oldest profession there is not a lot we the people can do about it.”

    The oldest profession at least being honestly earned money.

  4. The zionist cabalist Sabbatean jews were repeatedly kicked out because the people and leaders in history were aware. Which is far more advanced than what we have now- apostate, heretical Xtian Zionists aiding and abetting Zionist terror. In 109 past countries, at least it was accurately diagnosed and excised from society. Now the American dead bones are so spritually corrupt they worship them and call them Chosen. Incredible how The Xtian Evangelical ‘Elect’ have become so deceived- and evil. That is one part of Book of Revelation they refuse to address of course, because they themselves fulfill it by their embracing the spirit of deception. Entire subject is ugly and grim.

  5. I feel for those lives lost and will be lost. I am only very sure that as the beast with it’s seven horns is descending upon Canaan, the army of God will be unlished. If it doesn’t stop now, it will be the end of it and will only be in the history books. A lot of blood have already been spilled by this beast, now it is at its last stage if it continues with this path it is heading to.

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