The Waco Siege: What Happened When the Feds Laid Siege to the Branch Davidian Compound

The siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is an important event in American history because it directly led to one of the biggest terrorist attacks on American soil – the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. It’s not necessary to defend this act of terrorism to understand why the entire freedom movement of the time was so incensed by it. Indeed, it stood as a symbol of federal overreach and the corruption of the Clinton Administration.

It’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the siege of Waco, just as it is important to do so with the siege of Ruby Ridge or the attack on the American consolate in Benghazi. With every event, it is important to stick to the facts and what can be extrapolated from them to make the strongest argument about what went wrong and why, and what could be done differently in the future.

Background: Who Are the Branch Davidians?

The Branch Davidians were a tiny offshoot of mainstream Seventh-Day Adventism. This stemmed from an earlier split between the main church and a group called Shepherd’s Rod, The Rod or the Davidians. It was effectively a reform movement within Adventism, albeit with some beliefs considered heretical by the mainstream church, none of which are important or relevant for this discussion.

The Branch Davidians were established some 20 years later, and a much more radical departure from Seventh-Day Adventism born from disappointment at the failure of earlier prophecies to materialize. There was some wrangling over the leadership of the group after the death of its founder, but Vernon Howell, better known to the world as David Koresh, ultimately won out over the wife and son of the founder.

Everyone liked Howell when he first showed up at the compound in 1981, including the head of the organization at the time, Lois Roden, with whom he had an affair, despite a more than 40-year age gap (he was in his late 20s, she was in her late 60s). He wanted to have a child with her, one that he believed would be the Chosen One of their religion.

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3 thoughts on “The Waco Siege: What Happened When the Feds Laid Siege to the Branch Davidian Compound

  1. There’s a shit load of evil murderers out there still walking and fcking things up for We the People, these people I speak of are still walking among us , free , never prosecuted , never paid for their crimes against us , and those innocent children
    TMcV was a patsy
    The FBI is the guilty
    With every so called code enforcer that murdered those kids and adults
    For we the people to ever see justice served
    We would have to do this ourselves
    We are not the most armed nation in the world for nothing

  2. Who is the liar?
    Jim Cavanaugh, ATF negotiator: Well, I think we need to set the record straight, and that is that there was no guns on those helicopters (used in the initial raid). There was National Guard officers on those helicopters . . .
    Koresh: Now Jim, you’re a d*mn liar. Now let’s get real.
    Cavanaugh: David, I . . .
    Koresh: No! You listen to me! You’re sittin’ there and tellin’ me that there were no guns on that helicopter!?
    Cavanaugh: I said they didn’t shoot. There’s no guns on . . .
    Koresh: You are a d*mn liar!
    Cavanaugh: Well, you’re wrong, David.
    Koresh: You are a liar!
    Cavanaugh: OK. Well, just calm down . . .
    Koresh: No! Let me tell you something. That might be what you want the media to believe, but there’s other people that saw too! Now, tell me Jim again. You’re honestly going to say those helicopters didn’t fire on any of us?
    Cavanaugh: What I’m sayin’ is . . . now I listened to you, now you listen to me, OK?
    Koresh: I’m listening.
    Cavanaugh: What I’m sayin’ is that those helicopters didn’t have mounted guns. OK? I’m not disputing the fact that there might have been fire from the helicopters. If you say there was fire from the helicopters and you were there that’s OK with me. What I’m tellin’ you is there was no mounted guns, ya know, outside mounted guns on those helicopters.
    Koresh: I agree with you on that.
    Cavanaugh: Alright. Now, that’s the only thing I’m sayin’. Now, the agents on the helicopters had guns.
    Koresh: I agree with you on that!
    Cavanaugh: You understand what I’m sayin’?
    Koresh: I agree with you.
    Cavanaugh: OK, OK. So see, we’re not even in dispute and Steven’s getting all worked up over it.
    Koresh: Well, no. What the dispute was over, I believe Jim, is that you said they didn’t fire on us from the helicopters.
    Cavanaugh: Well, what I mean is a mounted gun . . . like a, you know, like a mounted machine gun.
    Koresh: Yeah. But like that’s beside the point. What they did have was machine guns.

    1. They always play games with words
      They always try to shift the narrative

      They full well know WTF they did was outright murder

      God is going to strike all you sick fcks down and I hope you all burn in hell for eternity
      Haunted by the cry’s of those children
      Dam you all to hell I pray
      Guilty guilty guilty
      No More Free Waco’s you sons of bitches
      We will move on you like you never saw
      You are not walking through the gates of heaven you retched cowards

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