The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost.

Published on Apr 24, 2013 by corbettreport


It has often been observed that the war on terror is unwinnable. After all, how could a war on an abstract noun ever have its “Mission Accomplished” moment? It is, according to this wisdom, meant to drag on forever. Just because a war can’t be won, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be lost. The truth is that the war on terror is over. And America has lost.

2 thoughts on “The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost.

  1. We’re only on the losing side of this nonsensical “war on terror” as long as idiots keep believing that the terrorists are anyone other than their own government.

    Most of us know who the real terrorists are, and we’ll win the “war on terror” as soon as they’re hanging from tree limbs.

    Don’t say “we lost” because the fight hasn’t even begun yet.

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