The Whiskey Rebellion

Published on Aug 22, 2012 by HistoricalSpotlight

Historical Spotlight takes a look at a time in history, shortly following the creation of America’s Constitutional Republic, when Americans became really angry at being taxed. Watch our video to learn more about the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion.

Historical Topics Covered:

National War Debt after Revolutionary War
Alexander Hamilton’s Economic Plan:
(Consolidation of Federal & State Debt, Tariffs, Excise Tax)
War Bonds Speculation
Whiskey Act of 1791
Whiskey Rebellion 1791

4 thoughts on “The Whiskey Rebellion

  1. “Our” troops sure got an early start “fighting for our freedom,” didn’t they?

    Seriously, the lie that the US military protects our freedom is one of the stupidest and most dangerous lies of our time. It’s a cancer that’s eating into the brains of our countrymen, and it needs to be challenged at EVERY opportunity.

    The military needs to be recognized for what it is — the gravest existing danger to our freedom, by far — and countermeasures need to be thought out in advance in the event that “our” troops are used against us (again).

    1. Exactly, BMF.

      And it’s these “I love the military,” “they keep us free and safe at home” that chant that idiotic mantra, “USA, USA, USA.”

  2. Yes, the founders starting violating the Con stitution before the ink was dry. Having just fought a war for independence from the tax happy king, Washington turns right around and shoots Americans for not paying HIS tax! George Washington, the original scum traitor.

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