The Wolves are Drooling Over the Sleeping Cattle

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A farmer recently posed a question to me and it deserves a public answer.How can you make people see that this is about them and their life?” Very good question indeed. How can we?

About half the people hide their fears by supporting whichever regime is in control at the time. And if you are awake you realize the false left right paradigm shift they are walking us through. Well, those people  need to be woke up and sometimes it takes a little more than a gentle nudge, and as many of you may have witnessed all the ‘ice bucket’ challenges this past Summer, even that has not proved to be an effective way to wake the sheep from their slumber.


Ever since the murder of JFK this nation has become a den of wolves slowly preparing their sheep for the slaughter.  What we see among the people today is, very little contemplation of the situation, and no courage, anger, desire, or will to fight against it. So why have the people slipped into this Rip Van Winkle type slumber?

The majority of  my readers are well aware of all the environmental toxins being dumped upon them; fluoride, soy, chemtrails, microwaves, pharmaceuticals, cell phones, smart meters, Fukashima, glyphosate, etc.. The people have now become the sheep that a tyrannical government desires, thanks to this mass poisoning. Most people today live in fear of a rising dictator just as most Europeans did before the two world wars and they sit idle. What you are witnessing is an herd mentality that has developed over this time. Group-think (consensus), political correctness, and the sense of community have taken over the individual thought process, and the American way of life. American men are no longer masculine or rugged. American women have bought into the great lie of feminism. Children no longer belong to their parents as they are now the property of the state.

The Feminist Movement was a CIA project of social programming. The CIA and the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations funded Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem and elements of the feminist movement. About half the people hide their fears by supporting whichever regime is in control at the time. And if you are awake you realize the false left right paradigm shift they are walking us through.

Another big question, is why did the CIA want to infiltrate and guide the women’s liberation movement?  Nicholas Rockefeller, of the powerful Rockefeller family, had befriended filmmaker Aaron Russo, during the 1990’s. According to Russo, Rockefeller had told him that the Rockefeller Foundation had helped to fund the feminist movement. There were several reasons for this.  One, it got women into the work force.  This provided more income for taxation.  Secondly, it got kids in government funded schools at an earlier age for indoctrination.  The intent was to break up the traditional family and the acceptance of the government as the primary family.

Their ultimate goal is a micro-chipped population and an enslaved society. Are you going to accept their chip, live in fear, and be their slave?

Detoxing is the biggest key as peoples minds are clouded from those toxins I mentioned earlier. The second key is re-education and getting them to awaken to how they have been duped and conditioned into a Marxist, and Leninist mindset. Teach them about individual rights. The third key is support as they go through the process of shedding the cloak of slavery.

Welcome to 1984 Amerika.


2 thoughts on “The Wolves are Drooling Over the Sleeping Cattle

  1. Most of us, including the author and myself, regularly arrive at the erroneous conclusion that the American people are asleep, apathetic, or too stupid to see what’s going on around them, and while that may be an accurate assessment regarding a small segment of our society, I think we’ve reached the point were the majority does understand what’s going on.

    “Awakened” people complain about the “sleepers” out of frustration. We understand the dangers we face as a nation and as individuals, and lose our patience with those who are seemingly unconcerned about them.

    The fact of the matter is that more Americans are “awake” than you realize, but they don’t show any resistance to the tyranny because there’s simply nothing they can do about it. They understand the futility of writing to their congressman, protesting, voting, and all of the other traditional (legal) means of bringing about change to our system. Everyone sees that what’s now required is the “ultimate form of protest”, and since it’s a life-threatening step to take, they’re not going to move until they either have no choice, see things kicking off somewhere else, or reach the point where they just can’t take it anymore.

    The only effective means we have left of battling this tyranny are obvious to everyone, and that’s exactly why the solution will be increasingly postponed. Eventually the tyrants are going to take one step too far, and that will result in a violent reaction on the part of some people who “just can’t take it anymore”, and once that gets rolling, it will be joined by many millions of others who are WAITING for that day.

    The more effort that’s put into preparation, the quicker and easier our victory will be. Keep piling up the ammo. Organize, arm, and train as militia.

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