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The Word From the Trenches – April 17, 2019

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Archive: TWFTT 4-17-19

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6 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – April 17, 2019

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you Henry for telling it like it is.

  2. galen says:

    Thanks for frying Einstein today.

    And on patents, you got me wondering if there is a statistic on who owns most of them. After a search I came up empty. Will keep trying. I doubt I’ll be surprised.

    Those last two minutes today made me see that I’ve been too easy on my family and certain friends. I always told myself they don’t know who they’re serving, and that’s even after they’ve been told. Outright rejection, preferring instead to believe t.v. and other lying media. Well, one tries, but now one also knows if they ain’t with us, they’re against us. Ruthlessness has its place.


  3. Mark Schumacher says:

    If you cant trust your neighbors, you can trust us here at the Trenches, we help each other here in many ways.

    • galen says:

      Copy dat, Mark, and it’s a blessing indeed.

      Funny how common sense and earnest words can cross over miles and deliver support.

      I guess it’s true that “no man is an island.”



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