The Word From the Trenches – April 30, 2019

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26 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 30, 2019

        1. Completely revamped.

          Turn it into a World Court to hunt down and prosecute all the WAR CRIMINALS on the rest of the planet.

          Dirty job… but SOMEONE’S got to do it.

          1. Just came across a bit more on the U.N. I thought it might be lightweight, surface, but it’s packing a punch, citing Protocols, and naming names, and I’m only 12 minutes in. Can’t say if it’ll hold true, but…:

  1. More nominations:

    VP: Schumacher

    Secretary of State: Laura

    Attorney General: EOTS

    Speaker of the House: Flee

    Secretary of the Treasury: Katie

    Secretary of Defense: Koyote

    I’m still working on more nominations.


    1. I ACCEPT AND DEMAND THAT OUR NEW CONGRESS INSTITUTE A STATE OF WAR WITHIN THE US TO INDICT AND HOLD OVER FOR TRIAL ALL ENEMIES OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS, TO SUMMARILY BE TRIED FOR TREASON AND SEDITION AGAINST THE United states “CONSTITUTION”, and immediately draw up a bill repealing the 14th “ammendment ” to be ratified by the states. a little “cart before the horse”, but you get the idea . nwo will be the first 4 star general………..

      1. Though there were some concerns/reservations voiced regarding your nomination to such a post, some fearing a reactive and overblown response from your strategies, these were soon overridden by the deeper understanding that the times do indeed call for “a reactive and overblown response.”

        It was decided that your love for and dedication to The Bill of Rights would assure a proper course, and all ultimately agreed that you are, indeed, the only man to carry this through, and along with the president, take us to victory.

      2. No repeal on the 14th Amendment needed. The invocation of the 9th Article eliminates it automatically and indicts all corporate entities operating under the treason it represents.


  2. Now that I played around I missed most of the broadcast and will have to wait for archive. And, I need some help with nominations, but a few more came to mind:

    EPA Head: Mary

    CIA Head: Martist

    Homeland Security Head: Norm

    Transportation Head: Hal

    Secretary of Education: Misty

    President’s Personal Body Guards: DL, Jill, Sunfire, Paul, Jamal, Gwen


    ps: Reiterating to Henry:

    Sir, for many years you’ve been my president.

    No joke, sir.

    No joke at all.


  3. What, no help out there? Here’s a few more:

    HD, ND, Cynicles, Swifty, G. Rider, E. Teach, Cap. Ob, Both Bobs, Jim, Amicus: Highest Level Deputies of Covert Assignments (Highly Classified. Shhhhh…)

    Daisy L: Janitor


      1. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

        It’s May Day, with all its implications. I’m taking it as a celebration of spring.

        And this May Day… A celebration of our new President.


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