The Word From the Trenches – April 7, 2020

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6 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 7, 2020

  1. Are transferrable viruses a $cientific lie?

    After listening to numerous alternate theories regarding what a virus is, I believe that virology science, like global warming science, is politically determined meme based on $$$$$.
    A meme that a virus can jump from me to you, and can exist outside a host, is big bucks for the med. ind. complex/ sanitizer industry.
    I’ve listened to numerous views from scientific people that a virus can only exist inside the body. Their views are as follows;
    The only way to contract a weaponized or foriegn virus is through injection.
    A virus is not a living thing, has no systems (reproductive, respiratory, etc.), has no DNA.
    Each of our bodies have numerous viruses that kick in on a cyclical basis, in order to purge the body of toxins. A virus is a cleansing agent, or solvent (like mucus).
    Different areas of the body produce their own virus and manifest on a unique cycle to detox the body, which might be every few months or every few years.
    “Flu season” according to the alt theories, is likely when the “herd”, perhaps triggered by weather, generally exhibit their own personal manifestations of their detox cycle.
    I can’t give you a virus, or vice versa. A virus needs a host, and that host is live blood, inside the system.
    The circulatory system makes blood flow out of the body if there is a cut or lesion. Therefore, a virus cannot enter the bloodstream this way, it must be injected. Neither can a foriegn virus be inhaled and then incubate in the nose or throat. It must be injected.
    However- it seems plausible that a virus could be detected on a surface outside the body, but it would be harmless, unless it was gathered, cultured, and then injected.
    This leads me to conclude that vaccines have very likely introduced viruses to humans that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

    IMO, they’re going to attempt to selectively cull tens of millions (commies always take 10% of the pop) by using software like Raytheon makes for stalkers to triangulate any local 5G beams at the desired victim(s). Essentially like using an open microwave oven on the other side of someone’s bedroom, they will die slow, or fast, depending on the dose. They can be hitting millions of targets simultaneously, and radiation symptoms mimic the fake corona symptoms we’re being fed.
    According to Mark Steele, etc. 5G can be made beam forming, and the voltage can be turned up.

  2. Henry and JD: phenomenal show. I love it. Thank you for being here, for us. Side note: Cuomo’s reelection is the reason i finally left NY state.

  3. Henry, thanks for covering the law again. I never get exhausted hearing you explain it & usually end up catching some minute detail.

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