The Word From the Trenches – August 11, 2020

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18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 11, 2020

  1. Fantastic hour !!!! Thank you Henry and JD

    Right now my biggest investment is in long term storage of food. It is getting so I can not find canning lids. I have spoken with several store owners/managers in my area and they have all said their orders for canning supplies were placed as far back as January. The items on the shelves were from last years inventory. I went on line and most sites state ‘unavailable’. Food prices here are on the rise as they are around the country.

  2. Misty you pay 20% over spot to make a coin which certify s its one troy, 31.1 gram silver content. Other metals may be added to resist wear. Severe price penalties for worn coins,

  3. Thats right Mary, you cant eat gold, its being manipulated, any idiot can see that. It should be well over 5 grand an ounce, bullets and guns are a better Investment.

    Who ever that piece of shit was that interrupted me towards the end of the show, go fk yourself, fkg gold whore bitch.

    Anybody making one penny off Henrys back is going to be axed, got it! Henry and Laura are family to me, you touch them financially, I will pop your head like a zit, count on it. You dont come on this show and play that shit here, get a fkg job bitch.
    Fk you and fk your goddamn bullshit gold.

    1. Doc here, who are you talking about? who is making money off of Henry’s back? Who are you going to pop like a zit? Please be a little less cryptic.

      1. DOC AND Misty

        It was a message, take it for what its worth. Show is turning into something that it was never intended for. As for your question on who’s making money off the show, it was a message. Henry and I both agree, that content needs to stay about the Bill of Rights and preparing for a confrontation, not about the home shopping network.

        I’ll let Henry explain the rest, ive said my peace. Talking about Gold and silver belongs someplace else, not here. Its too manipulated, alot of bullshit with gold, it being run by crooks.

        Wasn’t talking to you Misty, the person I was talking too was actually Henry, I thought he was somebody else. We both had a good laugh over it.

        We left it up just for shits and giggles. I would never talk to you like that.

        I got mad because I thought Henry was a merchant. When he spoke towards the end. He sounded way different, like I said, we both had a good laugh over it.

        1. Well that clears a lot up then. I ask to learn. Ya kinda struck a nerve that didn’t need to be struck with those comments. I mean it is brought up in the course of the show and to not be able to learn seems pointless. I don’t care what I could have bought in 2017 and what its worth today. too late. I want to know how we can refine/fortify our preps today to maybe help soften the blow when the time comes.


          1. Oh yeah. I agree Doc. It’s getting a little hot in the cellar if you get my drift, alot of steam coming out of the furnace. This show is about war guns ammo and the Bill of Rights, nobody here can afford gold and silver, can barely afford canning jars and lids.

            You guys take care, been alot of fun over the years.

  4. “You guys take care, been alot of fun over the years.”
    Sorry I don’t understand your statement Mark. Am I being banned for asking a question?

    1. Well you don’t appear to be banned from anything, Misty.
      You see it is like this. If I had the money to buy gold or silver, I could walk into an exchange and pay a premium over spot, walk out the door, turn around, walk back in and sell it for less than I just bought it for to pay a premium on the spot price.
      Who do you think gets all the spot premium proceeds? The f-king jews.
      I turn on the stupid box and every other commercial is a gold or silver commercial.
      I’m not giving time over to the f-king jews for free advertising to move their product. My time will be spent preparing people to fight this war we are already in.
      When this shit breaks lose, the commodities available here in this country and those smuggled in will dictate the value of gold. You can’t eat it. You could make a bullet out of it, but that is an expensive bullet.
      When lightning strikes the shit house, the price of gold and silver is bound to sky rocket, but as those who can afford to buy gold and silver are eating well, multitudes of children will be starving and those with gold and silver will be using it to hire private security to guard their gold and silver and their lives against the multitudes that will pour out of the cities.
      There are communities out here who produce necessary commodities and luxuries: whiskey, tobacco, and food, and the medium of exchange is marijuana, not controlled by the jew. Every time it passes from one hand to the other, there is not a surcharge for the kikes.
      We do one hour a day. That hour must be spent teaching the POOR how to become proficient in the art of mayhem. It would be more useful to the cause to have underground gardens, underground ammunition production, otherwise you see, the jew is already profiting as they have stolen all the gold from the United States of America that belongs to the people they owe the debt to. Again there is just one hour and I will be goddamned to the ninth circle of hell if it will be spent to the benefit of the enemy.
      You and Doc are always welcome here. The knowledge that Doc can contribute from his experience in the military, I consider valuable. But the people are going to come first and the poor people are going to come very first because they will be the ones who do the lions’ share of the killing and dying, but in the end they will have their sovereignty returned. Even if they have to crush theologian attempts to replace the Bill of Rights with a theocracy, in the end the people once again will be the authority in this country and there will be no poor people as the only reason there are poor people now is ignorance and the unrelenting parasiting of the foreign jews.
      So no, you are not banned, we are just not running any jew commercials during that precious hour.

    2. Over course not Misty, I wasn’t even talking to you, I heard somebody talk at the end of Johns show, it was Henry, he shut the show down because of my big mouth, but I thought it was a vendor listening to John, telling me to shut up. Then I said FK you, thinking it was some clown, it was a typical Mark Schumacher screw up.

      Like I said before. Henry and I had a good laugh over it.

      Your are aces with me Misty, your awesome..

      My comment you read was meant for the invisible man. It was Henry the whole time. LMAO

      Alot of people try using Henrys show to make money, Henry has 86d many over the years.

      Its better I just stay off the air, all I end up doing is pissing everybody off. 🙂

      I do better with the written word, the radio thing isn’t my bag.

      1. And as far as my comment you guys take care, I meant every word, you just misinterpreted, and I could have worded it different as well.

        I’ve been driving all day, I just now had time to read your comment, sorry I took so long to answer you.

  5. Sometimes there are things in this universe one cannot understand. Perhaps because one is not meant to understand. So one simply goes on not understanding.


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