The Word From the Trenches – August 12, 2021

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9 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 12, 2021

  1. Thanks, Henry. That was some history lesson today on the Indians. You hardly hear that Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were killed by their own people. Eye-opener. May that be a lesson to all of us to face the common enemy.


    1. Killed by their own People? Not exactly! Somebody needs to read history. The U.S. govt. was behind it all and is why they first went up to Canada to lure Sitting Bull back to the U.S. he replied, “Go back to Washington and take your lies with you.” The dominant evil spirit over Washington, D.C. is a lying spirit and it’s even more evident today. The fact that the Indian police killed him is no different than the Gestapo killing Germans who wouldn’t tow the line. A good study is to read about all the treaties the U.S. made with the Natives and then see how many they actually kept. Hint, it’s 0!

      1. Indian people did kill Indian people. The Iroquois Nation killed many a Shawnee and Delaware who were like tenants upon the land that paid the Iroquois tribute, and they did it for their white father the King of England. They also took slaves and those reservation police that killed Sitting Bull were Indians. The group that took Crazy Horse into a cell and knifed him to death were his own people and it did occur at Red Cloud’s agency.
        Yeah, I agree Washington DC is an evil place, but this place wasn’t a Shangri-la before the Europeans came. There was murder, kidnapping, and slavery as a part of the normal life that existed here.
        If you don’t know these things you need to read some more books.
        As far as the treaties go, you are absolutely correct. But the treaties broken were not with the common man, they were either with the royalty that existed before the United States or with the same aristocrats who took over when the British were ran out.
        The fact is what we are talking about now on the site is the Bill of Rights, yet another treaty that was to be absolute as long as the grass grows and the water flows and there are stars up in the sky. This United States Corporation is trying to f-k us all one more time and enslave us, accomplishing what the King of England couldn’t, and that is what we fight against here.

  2. My wife thinks I’m too angry, doesn’t understand my resentment for the motherfuckers!

    I was born in Britain, I am of Gaelic/Celtic descent and we haven’t forgotten what the invaders have done to us for thousands of years. We haven’t forgotten why our ancestors fled to the Americas.

    Britain is a mess, I had a dysfunctional upbringing, but managed to escape with some sort of sanity. I have to admit that I got sucked into the games now and then when younger, mostly because I was into electrical engineering and technology, but it was never the shooting games. I enjoyed open world exploration types, where you were free to be you, unruled. I suppose it has always been in me. When I was a child I enjoyed the westerns for the vision it gave me of being a free man. At that time in Britain we knew America was the last bastion of freedom on earth.

    Later in life the internet became a library for me and many more alike, as libraries were closed to dumb down society and steal wealth. Through my adventures across the world wide web I met my wife, a Guatemalan. I now reside in North America with her.

    Her father was the Secretary General. He also ran for the Presidency. He was also a Jesuit and a peadophile. He was touched in an assassination attempt during the 90s civil war. We know how real this fight is. The world knows what needs to be done. If only someone was able to push the button without it being hijacked and swept under the carpet. How long does the slow kill have to go on for in this sick twisted world?

    We’re all pieces in a rigged game of ‘Civilization’ paying for its miserable existence in serfdom to those that feel that they have some right to rule us. To say who can live and what they can have and what they can do outside of the scope of violating a natural law by way of causing direct harm or loss to someone.

    I don’t know how much more of clown world I can take before I’m trying to hitch a ride off planet!

    My question to you Henry, is do you see us as invaders?


    1. “do you see us as invaders?”

      I don’t know, how did you get here?
      And it is not for me to judge, that would be for the people where you live. And of course the question always has to be asked, why did you leave where you were instead of fixing your own home to come to mine. Did you take an American national’s job, his or her fishing hole, his or her hunting and gathering grounds? If someone displaces me and I lose my house, even if they are the nicest people in the world, would it be all right with you if the foreigner were the one that took your house? And last of all, you are asking after the fact.
      Would you fight and die to enforce the Bill of Rights and hence earn a piece of the whole that belongs to each American national as an individual?
      There are definitely a lot of veritables here. And you tell me, as my people have not reproduced our numbers in three f-king years and this criminal corporation continues to seize our public property and hand it over to foreigners, that belongs to us, so you have to judge it yourself. Are you taking from an American national outside of the supreme ratified law of December 15, 1791 without affording us as individuals the due process of the law we are guaranteed as an absolute? Again, I can just offer my opinion. Any answer to this question would have to be an answer procured through the procedures and maximums in the law being weighed by a common law jury in your local jurisdiction by the local nationals that live there.
      I don’t hate people, it is just when something belongs to me or any of the rest of the American nationals, where does anyone get the authority to come and take a part of what belongs to us? And it does by God belong to us.
      So I ask you, do you think you have invaded us?

      1. My wife was a child when brought here under political asylum. As far as she is concerned, I feel that she has the right to be anywhere on the continent as the next native.

        I came here on the Visa Waiver Program and an ESTA. Because the UK & US are warmonger buddies. Some of that so called “White Privilege”. I paid my own way to come here. Nobody gave me a handout.

        There are multiple factors as to why I came here instead of staying in the UK. I will focus on two for now.

        The primary one being that I did not want the woman that I was going to marry to have to exchange what was left of her freedoms and liberties for the non existent ones in Britain.

        Secondly, when I met my wife, I was at a stage in life where I was ready to die. I had my first job as a paper boy at thirteen. I had my second job in a chip factory at fifteen after being expelled from the slave training camp that they called school. I was also kicked to the kerb by my dysfunctional family because of school. I had been on my own pretty much all of my life working shit jobs, but I took myself back to school and got into electrical engineering and computer science. After working so many years, paying the illegal taxes, insurance, fees, fines, licences etc etc I had an accident at work that tore out my rectum and collapsed my esophagus. I am lucky to still be walking and talking.

        The employer, insurance company, the socialist healthcare and governmental system did not give a f-k about me, or the people in worse cases than myself. They want people to die. Technically I am disabled, but I refuse to sit on my arse and collect a paycheck from the government. When I recovered to a point where I felt able to work again, I did.

        We know what displacement is in Britain. They already did there what they are doing here with “immigration”. Everywhere the Red, White and Blue has bombed back to the stoneage they have filled the island with the corresponding natives.

        I think you already know the answer to fighting and dying. It’s why I am here. It’s why I listen to you. It’s why I have spent years trolling alphabet soups. I can’t fight as well as I used to be able to, so I might only take down one or two. If it’s my mouth that gets me killed for speaking the truth, then so be it.

        I don’t think that I’m an invader, I’ve not caused harm or loss to any human or creature. I don’t even eat meat because for one it is cancerous and two, nobody has any right to decide what lives and dies on this planet. So if they want to get right with their so called “God”, they had better stop killing and eating flesh.

        I have been here for two years still going through the “immigration” process. You know, the one where I don’t have any right to earn any money or food and water… in an attempt to be a ‘citizen’ of the Holy Roman Empire.
        I have not taken anything from anyone other than what has been given by my wife to support me.

        I would rather die standing on my own two feet than die on my knees begging an overlord for more permission.

        1. To begin with, the united states is a sovereign country with its own distinct laws for the sovereign people who created it.
          NO! No person on this continent has the right to just walk across our sovereign border.
          As for this native shit, my European blood has been in the united states since 1668 and on my other side 1739. So it was my people who pushed out the king of England and it was the blood of my people that established those geographical lines, which encompass the sovereign country known as the united states of America which belongs to the people who drew those lines, again in blood.
          Otherwise just because someone is an inhabitant of this continent, they can walk right in my house without any due process of the law.
          The only law of this land in this country is that Bill of Rights. The land and the resources belong to we American nationals. We never gave any permission for our land to be handed over to foreign nationals, and that is what happens every time someone crosses our border. This land and wealth that has gone to these foreigners has not been taken from my people through the due process of the law that we are guaranteed.
          Just like this f-king corporation cannot have the authority to take my home and give it to a foreigner, they cannot take this land, a part of which belongs to me as an individual sovereign of this land, and give it to a foreigner without gaining the jurisdictional authority to do so providing me the procedural due process of the law.
          Every act of immigration in granting visas violates my absolute right without question.
          And by the way, I’m sitting here eating a bloody steak. I’m a f-king carnivore and I have seen in nature two kinds of creatures. There are those that eat vegetables and there are those that eat those that eat vegetables.
          So you can shove your opinion on eating meat up your ass. Just like this phony f-king covid and the phony f-king vaccine, we will decide what we eat.
          You say you are for that Bill of Rights? I guess you better understand what the son of a bitch means. It means this country belongs to American nationals and if anybody wants to challenge that assertion, bring it the f-k on. We do not owe anybody else in this world anything. The lands of Honduras, Guatemala are rich in resource. It is the people in those countries that make them shit holes because they are either too ignorant or too cowardly to make them decent places to live. So that is what I want in my country, right? First them and then their problems that they couldn’t solve on their own dumped in my f-king lap for me to take care of. No f-king way, ever. If that don’t suit you, go back to where you came from, I don’t need anything from you.
          The American nationals have not recreated our numbers in three years now while the foreigners are breeding like f-king rabbits. And again, when their third world asses shit a kid out, it is to be up to me to sweat and toil and give up my own peace in my own life for these special sons of bitches who think they can take what is mine. Well it ain’t gonna happen. When our people break loose try to sell your argument to them while they are gnawing on a half raw deer ham in pursuit of the bastards who thought they could enslave us.
          Hope this clears up my position.

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