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The Word From the Trenches – August 9, 2018

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8 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – August 9, 2018

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    84 now, 97 hi, 63 lo. Major haze going on… smoke from fires. 🙁

  2. JoeSTP says:

    Tell me why they never mess with Liberty tree radio or Mark and Don? So they must not be telling the truth!!!!

    • Henry Shivley says:

      To be honest and fair, Mark Koernke has told a lot of truths, the problem is he will not address the ultimate truth, the Bill of Rights has been usurped completely. Every one of us have our rights removed. There is no Bill of Rights. I think most of us out here who understand it would say we will not continue on without our Bill of Rights. It is the only issue that we should be talking about. And the fact is, the time should have come a long long f#@king time ago.
      If you look at things from a war operations angle and have decided that the enemy will only be engaged from a ground base, that is territory controlled by one of the two camps they want to put us in so we will kill each other, well you want those deaths to be at this point in the millions.
      Like I said the other day, what is the difference in 10,000 men as a group killed in one hour or 10,000 individuals killed over a month, via individual engagement? As the one on one cuts out all the confusion, and as we outnumber them 3000 to 1, and they are scattered over 10s of millions of square miles that we control, well I guess there would be no big armies gathering or big glorious military engagements.
      If the people just step up as is their duty and start enforcing that Bill of Rights on the spot, the whole idea of killing 10s of millions of people so that a handful can declare the victory and become your new old rulers again, seems a fool’s errand.
      All it comes down to is armed individuals ready to take out the enemy soldier declaring that there is no Bill of Rights on the spot.
      If just 40 million of us did it on the spot, they would kill each other like a mob at Mecca trying to get the f#@k out of here. It would fall apart so fast it would make your head swim, and then all that would be left is the surrender of their corporation, trials for treason, and the retrieval of our stolen wealth wherever it has been stashed, which I don’t see as a really big deal either, as we would be in control of our, the people’s, nuclear arsenal with the capability of destroying the whole planet.
      We’d simply tell each venue harboring the international fugitives we want the fugitive and our stolen wealth returned, you have seven days to hand it all back over to us or we will f#@king nuke you. And after what we would have just done, I think they would believe us. If not, they are declared a foreign enemy of our Bill of Rights, which was subverted in the theft of our property and in harboring the fugitives that terrorized us and tried to kill us. If we have to we will make examples in the macro, just like the micro. It is just going to be or we are going to f#@king kill you. Your call.

      • JoeSTP says:

        I know Mark has told the truth, at the same time they keep everyone on a treadmill, I also agree with you, I will defend the BoR.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:



  4. Katie says:

    Thank you Henry, another hard hitting broadcast.

  5. Katie says:

    Oh, thanks to Fredrick too.

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