16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 11, 2019

  1. a very sad day
    great song selection

    thank you Koyote Mark for your passion and wisdom and commitment to our Law

  2. Beautiful song.

    I am severely depressed right now… need to go get blazed on some good smoke with a friend, and watch some movies to escape (at least temporarily) this insane reality we live in. 🙁

  3. Just love that picture…!!! the Powers that think they are just hate that picture…worst thing they could ever see…

    1. Abso-F’g-LUTELY, Norm!! Stirring the pot with race-baiting, counterproductive seeds of hate to make US kill each OTHER is what they’ve been trying so very hard to do. Putting people into boxes via identity politics makes them so much more controllable and easier to maneuver. It’s just like moving. You put your shite into them because it does just that. I see a couple of patriots who truly wish to be free.

      Sadly, one of them truly is finally. God bless you KOYOTE.

      I looked at the side bar “recent comments” and saw his name there just now and was briefly elevated in spirits…guess I was just wishing. Sad day. 🙁

      1. Chin up, though, Mark. We’ve lost a strong soldier but there’s more of US awakening daily. They can’t fill the void, but they can make their own spot. It was not in vain so WE should celebrate his life more than mourn his passing. Stay strong, brother.

          1. You stay strong too, sister. Much love going out to you and all the Trenchers here during this sudden loss.<3

  4. Ugh this is tuff, In the past 2 years I have lost so many friends , and like minded internet acquaintances..must be im getting old too,and I didnt anticipate this loss

    just leaned of another co-worker / friend that is battling cancer .

    my Mom having Dementia , my aging Father thats trying his best

    sometimes you just wanna say f-it ..

    Koyote’s humor and view point is much needed now , as i surf his posts in memory of what we all have lost

    RIP brother

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