The Word From the Trenches – December 18, 2019

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Archive: TWFTT 12-18-19

27 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 18, 2019

    1. Mary….. I hate to complain, but you’re no longer giving me accurate weather forecasts.

      Nice to know that you’re basking in 23 degrees and sun when the temps here only went above zero for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

      And you didn’t have this cold snap yesterday.

      1. LOL… I need my coffee before I even start looking for articles to send in the morning.

        By the time Henry comes up, I’ve already had a serious attitude adjustment via Mother Nature’s Tranquilizer… just reading the news ups my bp.

      2. That’s right!

        But first thing in the morn it’s:
        I like the smell and taste of coffee in the morning, with the sound of nobody talking

        Dogs and birds okay though 🙂

  1. I just walk buy that ‘checker’ then I hear ‘have a nice day’

    I see people standing in line waiting to be checked !

    1. Sheeple love their slavery.

      It relieves them of their responsibility to think for themselves (that would have to involve all 3 brain cells at once).

  2. It seemed to me that Henry tossed us a challenge today. I’ll have to call it,


    It never occurred to me to stand up to them like he did when he was requested to show his receipt and have them shuffle through his purchases. It never occurred to me to say, “F*k NO, you can’t!!” It never occurred to me to tell them, “Everything in that f*kin’ basket is my f*kin’ private property, you understand me, mister?”

    This “challenge” came to me in just one of Henry’s minutes which anyone can hear at the 22:50 mark of the broadcast today. Seventy seconds of confronting head-on just one of the corporate branches of the ominous enemy.

    So now comes the testing it out. Will I pass THE WALMART CHALLENGE? Will others? I really see something big in this. Opportunity handed to the people. Prime spot to test our mettle. Imagine if most of us started doing this?!! But man, do I have to practice. Shamefully confessing that I usually hand over the receipt and reluctantly comply, walking away with epic resentment. That has to change.

    Thank you, Henry!!


  3. A few take-aways:

    >> Universal arming can breed politeness. 🙂

    >> “Make something devastating.”

    >> Remember your authority. “Remember who you are.”

    Aside: I really like that second one. Time to get creative, lethal.



  4. OMG!! They just impeached the mofo. Next few days will be very interesting as false opposition faces off with false opposition. Sure, it’s all fake. But what for? Swifter commie dictates? Greta takes the reins? Civil war? (which we won’t buy into). Third-world for us?

    And who has been so silent through all this? Our “greatest ally, and its beloved Bibi. Guess they won’t get their king.

    Maybe it’s just another test to see what we’ll do with the ball of wax.



    1. Rest assured… the 3rd time WON’T be the charm, galen.

      Freakin’ JOKE is what this BULLSH#T is!!!

      Surprisingly, RT hasn’t said anything.

      Heading to Breitbart next… there’ll be a sh#t-ton of articles (PRO CHUMP) there decrying the treatment their ‘champion’ is receiving from those bad ol’ Demonrats.

          1. Thanks, #1, He’s still talking about all the jobs he’s created and is still “draining the swamp.” Seems unfazed by impeachment, just like he already read the script. Oh boy, he just mentioned that we need more people to come to our country, MANY MORE. Hello Global Communism!!

            And one can only wonder what other atrocities are going on during this impeachment circus side-show. Hmmm…

            Also wonder if his speech is being watched by any who are “living” in the overcrowded tent cities.


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