The Word From the Trenches – December 20, 2019

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4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 20, 2019

  1. Checking the site out looking forward to chat and mince words. I’m a 150 miles from the Pacific. beers in the fridge light while I grew up on the Pacific . The sky been quiet in my county. Its about.making people aware. CJ

  2. but Thomas Jefferson was very clear anybody that allows a private bank to control their finances you will wake up around the corporations and you will become homeless on this continent that your forefathers conquered and he was right we will become homeless because of the lack of the ignorance of people in this country and they did it to himself

  3. Cr@p! Got to the library late (few mins. before noon), set up the computer & went to the bathroom. When I got back, stupid Windows had already started a damn update that I had been dodging for the last few days.

    That damn ‘update’, or whatever the hell it was, took an hour & 10 mins. to complete… so long, in fact, that I was thoroughly disgusted & pissed off by then, and decided to give the bp a break for the rest of the day… NEVER had any updates take near that long.

    My only question now is… what the f did they REALLY do?

    Off to check out the news on the other sites, need to get caught up.

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