The Word From the Trenches – December 30, 2019

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18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – December 30, 2019

  1. 20 and cloudy….this blizzard brought 31 inches of snow…notice the commies don’t say a word about not being able to collect snow like they do with rain water 🙂

  2. @54:58 — Thank you caller for the love and appreciation, especially for Henry, who risks EVERYTHING everyday to help us all. Your words fell like balm for a tired army. Bless you. Balm is turning to B-12.



    1. ps: Sorry for the word “tired.” Was just speakin’ for meself today. A lot of years of fightin’, but the B-12 helps.


  3. Major announcement, and drum roll, please: Today I became the 4th known Trencher to pass the Walmart Challenge. Yay!! It felt wonderful. As it started I was thinking there might be a major scene or some kind of incident where the manager would have to be called, so I was practicing my talking points. I had my cart with paid-for items and the lady with the marker-pen walked toward me. With sweet confidence I nodded hello and swiftly walked forward as she stood there with her day-glow pen. Then she shouted, “Okay, have a nice day.” I responded, “Happy New Year!!” And that was it. I won’t say it didn’t take courage. It certainly did. Courage and resolve. Henry, what have you started? A freedom movement, that’s what. Thank you!!


    1. you a badass, sister…….way to go galen!

      just my opinion but I think those receipt checkers have been instructed not to challenge those of us who do not comply as this is an experiment to see how many will

      this is no different than a corporate code enforcer pulling you over attempting to violate your fourth article

      1. I agree, Mary. I had the same thought: their training keeps them from messin’ with us. And this is an advantage we can use as more and more become of aware that they do NOT have to comply.

        I really wish I didn’t have to ever shop there, but… Well, I try to keep it to a minimum.


      1. Thanks, Katie. I kept thinking of you and Mary and I said to myself, “If my sisters can do it, so can I. Thanks for the dose of courage.



  4. Low 20s, partly cloudy and windy.

    Loaded two 22 wheelers with tittie beans, and spent the last hour and a half getting the last driver un-stuck twice. Asked him if he wanted me to follow him.

    I hope #1 is doing fine. Haven’t seen him around lately.

    1. ‘and spent the last hour and a half getting the last driver un-stuck twice’

      I’m assuming snow………..I would hate to be a truck driver in this crap weather

      1. Nope, he got his trailer into a dump truck load of sand, and the trailer wheels of the passenger side were 2 foot higher and sunk in (with at least 1,100 bushel on, close to 40,000 lbs). We only got 3 inches of snow which was plowed off the road(of course the ice didn’t help with traction). After getting him out with 2 tractors, he didn’t turn wide enough coming to the driveway and got the drivers side trailer wheels into soft par-frozen mud. It was driver error. The driver was a good guy and having a bad evening. He was all apologetic and I was trying to lower his frustration level when asking if we should follow him, you know, a little tongue and cheek 🙂 He offered to pay for getting him out but we refused.
        We all get into a funky situation sooner or later.
        I hope you didn’t shovel your back off, Mary.
        At this location where I’m staying it gets quite windy, and with a lot of empty field to the north and west 3 inches of snow equals 3 foot and + hard packed drifts. It’s more like chiseling than shoveling. Plastic shovels not the key here:)

      2. FYI. I used to move snow for a living during the season, and I found that those little 2 cycle engine snow blowers work good. I used them more than the big ass blowers that you have to ramp up into the truck.

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