The Word From the Trenches – February 12, 2020

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25 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 12, 2020

  1. NUKES DON’T EXIST!!! it’s just another fear tactic!! if nukes did exist, telaviv and DC would be grease spots already!! all they have is threats. period. like you said Henry, if they could, they would have already. they can’t because they don’t have half the shit they want us to be afraid of! here’s the movie. it’s almost 2hrs long but if you believe their horshit after this, i don’t know what to tell you. .. but yes, they do have some shit nasty explosives, just no nukes. fearfearfear, that’s all. and i pray to godnjesus they set up 4-man checkpoints at stop signs around my ‘hood.

    1. They’ve got nuclear reactors all over America Morris, all ya gotta do is let one get hot! Now what Morris?

      1. no one Mary. you know why no one ever really raises hell about israel not signing the non-nuclear proliferation agreement? other than ‘they’re israel’, there’s nothing to proliferate!

    2. everything you’ve seen or heard about nukes was on tv, from the ”authorities”. watch the movie i linked to. youtube search Gaylon Winsor. i can talk about this all day and yes, i have first hand experience with ”nuclear missiles”, when i was in the navy. I’m glad and happy to talk about it.

  2. Talk is just that.
    I could give a crap what they call it.
    Revolution, civil war, etc
    I know what i’m fighting for.

    1. Bottle of whiskey, a joint, and a girl hanging on your shoulder. Watching this guy live, would be awesome. Boy could get down brother.

    1. No Way! then everybody would know I’m from Alabama! no thanks, I’ll stay anomyn.. amonom.. anon.. in hiding!!

  3. if nuclear power was as deadly as they say, why are ALL nuclear power plants on waterways and bodies of water? because they are high dollar, high power steam powered electrical generating plants. why would you put that monster in a place where you could contaminate everything and everyone connected to that water? Fukushima i hear you say? 100% fake. again, on the water! contaminated fish and sea life?? boil a pot of water and pour it in your aquarium. let me know the results!! also, it is ILLEGAL to report on Fukushima. why?? oh you know why!

    1. Nuclear power has killed millions across the globe, Chernobyl killed millions, we are talking theoretical here, it’s only a discussion, not a military playbook by General schwarzkopf.

      Something that should be discussed. Its ugly, stupid, ignorant yes, but it should be discussed. THESE PEOPLE BROUGHT DOWN THE TWIN TOWERS FOR FK SAKES.

  4. that’s right Hal. they’re gonna call us terrorists, school bus blower uppers anyway so fukem! when the dust does settle WE will write the history books. it’ll be straightened out then.

  5. Who the heck am I to weigh in on the nuke discussion; I can’t prove a damn thing. But still… I have opinions, and I asked a respected friend about it. Some of what he wrote me:

    “I did a long exhaustive study of ‘the jewish physics’ as it was called at the time of the Einstein/Tzeilard letter to FDR. The first thing jew Tzeilard did after claiming the discovery of fission was patent an atomic bomb. The tribe’s first thought was destructive power.”

    Well, I was on that vibration myself, but my friend solidified it for me with more details and history. And I keep thinking of the families I met from Bikini Island and its neighboring islands, Micronesians who suffered horrible burns and cancers from U.S. testing of nuke bombs in the late forties. These people had their homeland destroyed and were never able to return to it. They lost everything. And of course, it’s inevitable that Hiroshima and Nagasaki would come up in a conversation such as this. More burns, cancers and epic suffering.

    With documentaries, as with any reporting, we cannot know for sure what the truth is, even if those delivering it fully believe it to be true; we can only go with what our own study teaches us and what rings true from our own intelligence. There will be disagreements.

    I do believe it’s highly likely we do not know just how many nukes actually exist and what their inherent strength is. If only this were a world without lies and deception. If only. Sigh…


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