The Word From the Trenches – February 15, 2022

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14 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 15, 2022

  1. Remember that Ottawa cormorant we saw spewing out his lies last week, about the trucker convoy there? Well, an extensive assortment of msm propaganda outlets are reporting he has resigned! Take your pick! Ottawa Police Chief, Peter Sloly Resigns

  2. Check this typical jew BS out –


    Remember that in jewish Bolshevik Russia anti-semitism was made a crime that was punishable by the death penalty. This kind of thing in Canada is merely another step (among many others already in place & to come) on the way back to this. Also keep in mind that in the US Bush Jr already allowed the 7 Noahide Laws to be recognized & “put on the books as policy” although unbeknownst to the average “citizen”. Under the Noahide Laws a goyim can be beheaded for breaking the “law”. “Conspiracy theory” revelations (mainly from shill fatboy Alex Jones) about large numbers of guillotines being stockpiled at locations possibly linked with newly constructed FEMA camps a few years back added fuel to the flames of that fire.

    Maybe someone can post that bitchute link as a standalone article for comment.

    1. Ally, you nailed it! I am sure you more than likely already know about the hell they put Ernst Zundel and David Irving through in Canada. The you-know-whoish lobby is nasty here. Search those 2 names on bitchute. I am glad you posted this link. It has been a good reminder that Canada is nowhere near done with the covid (doesn’t exist) lie, because the occupation force here, which calls itself the government, is infested with the vermin.

      And, I wanted to use this opportunity to give a heart felt thank you, to Henry, for today’s broadcast. He always goes over and above and gives his all. Today was no exception. Lots of love. Thank you.

      1. Thanks Diana. Yes, I’ve known about Zundel & Irving for years 😉 The BoR stuff I’ve really only learnt detail of since finding the trenches so I would also like to thank Henry again here for his tireless work!

        1. Ally, you are welcome. Maybe all of this horn honking, (our national bird is the Canadian goose. We love the honking sound they make.
          It is nature’s sound of freedom, to us.)
          Canadian unity, exercising our right to peaceful assembly, free speech and free thought, keeping our nation clean and beautiful in the face of the filth coming from the tyrannical turds who are trashing our nation for the NWO, will have the effect of possibly flushing them out into the open. If it is okay with you, maybe we could flush them into the Detroit River over to your side of the border where you can use your 2nd Article for target practice, or maybe even to finish them off.
          Blow them all to kingdom come! Ba-ba-ba-ba- BOOM!!! After all, they are operating under a number assigned to them by the treasonous US Corporation. We are standing in our power as free Canadians who love our country and part of that love of country is cleaning up after ourselves. Honking the horns was about waking people up.

          1. All those who truly love their country would want to keep it pristine.
            It is a hell of a pill to swallow when the realization hits you that because of a mere handful of diabolical monsters, we’re going to have to tear down our beloved country to the foundation to free ourselves, simply because of the fear and stupidity of a minority. Only then can we honk the horn for victory and start cleaning up the mess and rebuild.
            This is going to be a vicious dog fight that will redefine man’s inhumanity to man, and that’s a hell of a thing to say. What is more of a hell of thing to say is that the alternative is worse.

  3. According to some historians,[16] the modern capitalist system originated in the “crisis of the Late Middle Ages”, a conflict between the land-owning aristocracy and the agricultural producers, or serfs. Manorial arrangements inhibited the development of capitalism in a number of ways. Serfs had obligations to produce for lords and therefore had no interest in technological innovation; they also had no interest in cooperating with one another because they produced to sustain their own families. The lords who owned the land[citation needed] relied on force to guarantee that they received sufficient food. Because lords were not producing to sell on the market, there was no competitive pressure for them to innovate. Finally, because lords expanded their power and wealth through military means, they spent their wealth on military equipment or on conspicuous consumption that helped foster alliances with other lords; they had no incentive to invest in developing new productive technologies.[17]

    The demographic crisis of the 14th century upset this arrangement. This crisis had several causes: agricultural productivity reached its technological limitations and stopped growing, bad weather led to the Great Famine of 1315–1317, and the Black Death of 1348–1350 led to a population crash. These factors led to a decline in agricultural production. In response, feudal lords sought to expand agricultural production by extending their domains through warfare; therefore they demanded more tribute from their serfs to pay for military expenses. In England, many serfs rebelled. Some moved to towns, some bought land, and some entered into favorable contracts to rent lands from lords who needed to repopulate their estates.[18]

    The collapse of the manorial system in England enlarged the class of tenant farmers with more freedom to market their goods and thus more incentive to invest in new technologies. Lords who did not want to rely on renters could buy out or evict tenant farmers, but then had to hire free labor to work their estates, giving them an incentive to invest in two kinds of commodity owners. One kind was those who had money, the means of production, and subsistence, who were eager to valorize the sum of value they had appropriated by buying the labor power of others.[citation needed] The other kind was free workers, who sold their own labor. The workers neither formed part of the means of production nor owned the means of production that transformed land and even money into what we now call “capital”.[19] Marx labeled this period the “pre-history of capitalism”.[20]

    In effect, feudalism began to lay some of the foundations necessary for the development of mercantilism, a precursor of capitalism. Feudalism was mostly confined to Europe[citation needed] and lasted from the medieval period through the 16th century. Feudal manors were almost entirely self-sufficient, and therefore limited the role of the market. This stifled any incipient tendency towards capitalism. However, the relatively sudden emergence of new technologies and discoveries, particularly in agriculture[21] and exploration, facilitated the growth of capitalism. The most important development at the end of feudalism[citation needed] was the emergence of what Robert Degan calls “the dichotomy between wage earners and capitalist merchants”.[22] The competitive nature meant there are always winners and losers, and this became clear as feudalism evolved into mercantilism, an economic system characterized by the private or corporate ownership of capital goods, investments determined by private decisions, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods determined mainly by competition in a free market.

  4. Not sure if l should post this here and if needs to be moved that is okay with me. I wanted to elaborate on the conversation held on yesterday’s show that raised the question about capitalism. I listened to the show several times and l wanted to air out some thoughts because some of what was said did not sit well with me.

    First off, the definition of capitalism that was being expressed sounded to me like the ideal that it is supposed to be. By definition, and if enforced correctly, the ideal of the definition of what is supposed to be capitalism might well and true be a useful system.

    Secondly, the economic system that has been put for by the criminals is not capitalism, although we have been well trained to call it so. I believe what they have done, as they have done with so many other things, is take the most useful aspects of capitalism, free enterprise and whatever other system that they could utilize to bring forth a type of economic system that in the end is nothing more than a mafia type form of manipulation, coercion, deception, and extortion applied with and by brute force and murder to bring about THEIR gains. Call it the totalitarian system of economics. They end up with 95% of the wealth, 95% of the ownership of the land and the resources that come from the land as well as the fruits of our labor.

    Thirdly. The fact that the term “capitalism” has been usurped and used by these criminals has now made the use of the term unusable because it has been tainted and infected. Through their actions and misuse of the term capitalism, it has brought about a confusion that can, in my opinion, only be corrected by a massive re-education program that would clearly explain how the term was misused and how going forward the correct definition would need to be applied. That is a lot of work and will take to many resources we do not currently have. So to me, theterm capitalism has been tainted and spoiled and therefore unusable. Hell, look at the all the energy that was expended yesterday. This is the communist system IS SUPPOSED to work. They twist the the true meanings of words with their tainted corruption and it creates confusion.

    Fourthly. Misty mentioned at one point that the problem were the banks. l am going to disagree, respectfully. No, in my opinion, the real corruption lies in the fact that there is NO LAW! The totalitarian system of economics exists only because there is NO system of law to keep it in check. Look at civil asset forfeiture. That is blatant, in your face, highway robbery! Why? Because there is no system of law being enforced to bind them (the criminals) so they are getting away with it as well murder!

    Sixth. From what l could gather, the main difference between free enterprise and capitalism lie in that capitalism promotes private ownership. Well, there is another extremely important difference between the two systems that l wish had been mentioned. The economic system of free enterprise has FACTUAL LAW BEHIND IT! That law, otherwise known to us as the Bill of Rights, is the enforcement mechanism of checks and balances which ensures that corruption does not flourish. Also, contained therein the Bill of Rights, is the mechanism to ensure that property cannot be seized without first meeting our guaranteed due process of law. So even if capitalism promotes private ownership, so does the Bill of Rights and it is a body of law We therefore do not need a system of economics to promote private ownership. Capitalism, even in it’s purest and most meaningful application, does not have law behind it!

    So in the end you can call an economic system anything you want, but if there is not a mechanism of law attached to an economic system and that is being enforced, all you will have is a corrupted totalitarian system of economics which uses deadly force to acquire it’s gains.

    So there were a few things l took issue with.
    One. Exploitation. It is in the context as Galen attempted to explain. Yes, l do have a problem with exploitation when it involves innocents, small children or babies, theives, criminals etc.

    Two. Working for an employer who puts food on your table. If the son of a bitch os a well to do mason who has aquired his gains through theft or fraud why in the hell should anyone feel as if they owe the son of a bitch a goddamned thing? Sorry, you ain’t convincing me on either of those.

    Three. I have for all my life been witness to these illegal motherf’ing aliens coming over here to take the freebies and have watched my fellow American nationals be defrauded out of house and home to wind up drug addicted, homeless and dead! These son of a bitches come over here and “exploit” we American nationals to the tune of driving American’s and our beloved country, culture and everything care about into the f’n ground. Remember the 1965 immigration act that that motherf’er kike jew p.o.s. cellar’s helped write and that treasonous motherf’er Ted Kennedy went around the country promoting. “Dont worry America, these migrants are not here for your jobs or to take what is yours, we need to do our part to help those less fortunate” (l am paraphrasing) oh, and lets not forget cellars. When the act was passed, he stood up and said “let the flood gates open”. Well here you are Jamal, 50 years later. Got enough foreign invaders here for your liking? Here is for instance for you. I met someone who was brought here from Mexico at a young age. Whole family came over here, got their visas and went to work for the county. Thirty years later, mom and dad say enough is enough and retire. All along, and after buying a home here, they were always planning to return to their real homeland, Mexico. They had put their kids through school and still had enough to build another home in mexico. Well they are long gone and now they are living real comfortable and still getting their pension wired to Mexico. Now, that could have been an American family who could have enjoyed thosed gains, but it wasn’t. This is an example of how they have been eating out our substance through immigration fraud.This family, like so many others, have gained “citizenship” through fraud because that cellars hart 1965 immigration act was passed after 1871 which makes it fraud. But hey, we gave them a better life.

    Fourth. Jamal stated that he had problem with Henry’s view on certain things. Like the migrantion thing for instance. Here is how l see it. To me Henry Shively is a living embodiment of what that Bill of Rights is supposed to represent. This man is living, breathing example of what we are all supposed to be. Henry speaks of things in law and in fact and if you are taking issue with his views, l argue that it is not his views you are in conflict with, it is the Bill of Rights you truly have an issue with.

    This topic and conversation has opened my eyes to how even in this discussion group there can be so much misunderstanding, confusion and disagreeance. However as Jamal stated, we will have to agree to disagree.

    In the end, the Bill of Rights covers all that needs to be covered. In my opinion if anyone cannot see past their differences with the Bill of Rights, you are living in the wrong country. The Bill of Rights is not for you and neither is Freedom and Liberty

  5. You summarize it well yet I still stand behind my statement on the banks. We were guaranteed debt free currency but instead we have usury.

    1. Canada is a good example of how a private, almost debt-free central bank, the Bank of Canada, established in 1935, took advantage of We, the People, to have us believe it served our interests. BOC is a Crown Corporation, so that fact alone, proves it only pretended to be for the use of We, the People, after the interest rates of other private banks and international petro dollars started driving up the debt. We believed we had a nationalized monetary system perfectly designed for the construction of our Trans Canada Highway and other infra-structure projects, but when the money turned to petro-dollars, (1974 when the inflation curve started to rise high and fast) it no longer served our interests. The bank we believed was put in place for We, the People, had no laws of any kind, that would protect us in the future, if all of a sudden, it was no longer being used for our interests. After all, it was a Crown Corporation! It did serve us for a while, to give us some really nice, debt-free goodies, but not for very long. No lawsuit against the Crown Corporation who owns it, could ever be won, and the people who filed the lawsuit, lost the money, time and energy it took to fight. This suit went on for years and years and was never resolved because it was not possible. A central bank of, by, and for We, the People, could work, but the only way it could work would be if the checks and balances built into the body of law that keeps a nation free of usury and international currency schemes, would be applied to it and also enforced.

  6. Henry, I know for an undisputable fact that you are absolutely right. I know the history of these diabolical monsters. Seeing the old reels of the kind of horrific destruction they are capeable of, and even more recently, seeing how they burned Palestinian children from the inside out with phosphorous bombs, how they levelled Syria…. and in Canada, what they have done to harm our Indigenous people, gives me insight into what has been done before, and even today, to a happy, autononomous population, celebrating the freedom that belongs to them, only to be brought down to the lowest form of human suffering and misery ever inflicted upon the most intelligent, honourable, creative and productive people ever to grace our planet. I fear Canada is in for an even sadder awakening than the one we are now, playfully enjoying. The euphoria of Canadian unity and freedom will be reduced to misery, death and suffering on a massive scale.

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