The Word From the Trenches – February 22, 2021

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14 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 22, 2021

  1. I built this portable system two months ago, its a 2kw and will grow to 6kw system if I can beat to the crash.
    Well I tried to put a pix here, but no go!!

    1. Awesome! I have been watching a lot of vids on such. Send pics to my email if you can. I would love to see your set up

      1. HI Hal, I have a 16 ft. box truck, with 5-390 watt panels on the roof, the batteries and controls are on a shop cart, so it can be moved easy.

  2. What’s important is if the info you get works for you.
    The middle class failed due to the belief in lies.
    There is a chunk of free info if you look.
    Take your time, and look.
    It’s a learning curve.
    Stay Pissed…
    Dammit! 🙂

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