14 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 3, 2020

  1. 28, cloudy and windy.

    Was 30 at 4am.

    The NWS said the high will be 26.

    The stinking high is 30 you Ignant Mcnuggets

  2. Henry, I know it’s not easy for you and Laura to post such horrible stories of perversion and child abuse, but I’m glad that you sometimes do, for as you know this is another arm of their war against us, the war to take us down into low self-worth and dehumanization, to weaken us. But for many it is having an opposite effect. We are disgusted and fed up and now we are strengthening and speaking up, home-schooling, boycotting where we can. In just half a day I’ve heard from several folks who were horrified by the SuperBowl half-time show of hos and gyrations. I spied on it and it was devoid of true humanity and full of sexual superficiality. Right after the hos did their striptease, a chorus of young, bright-eyed children came out to sing with them, normalizing debauchery. Well, you really dove into the subject today on the broadcast and connected it with the communist war-machine. Thank you sincerely.


    1. Excellent comment galen! I like how you “spied on it.” LOL

      It’s become a satanic exhibition. I saw a few clips here and there and I was disgusted!

      Thanks to Henry for covering the topic. We should become a moral compass unto ourselves, each carrying out due justice upon acts against the natural/nature.

      1. Thanks, Katie. So many times I run into this stuff and often in mixed company and well, I just feel embarrassed, not just because of my own modesty but also embarrassed that we (the American people) let this happen to us. It crept in under the banner of “cool and liberated” and oozed into every corner of life. A non-stop assault on decency and wholesomeness. I remember growing up when sexuality had a playfulness to it. We made silly jokes about it and we’d blush. Now it’s like the goddam*ed GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, permeating and corrupting the minds of the most innocent. I wonder if Jennifer Lopez actually has a soul, because I was thinking that there are some who come here to earth only with a body and no soul. Well, I jus’ saw that Jennifer’s net worth is $400 million, and she makes $40 million a year. So if she did once have a soul, she has certainly sold it.


    2. I ditched the jube tube years ago. I did not read the article Henry referenced. Why? Because for me the headline said it all. I was plenty enraged just seeing that.
      Haven’t watched a stupidbowl in many many years. Go Bears 🙂
      Power to the people who are standing up and taking action!

    1. I prefer listening live myself deon. Sometimes I want to call in then I have to remind myself it’s not live. LOL

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