The Word From the Trenches – February 4, 2021

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14 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 4, 2021

      1. Good mask weather Jim, strap that bitch on and guard your face from frost bite right? 🙂

        Make sure the tip of your nose doesn’t turn white. 🙂

      2. Installing a front drive shaft on a 83 Silverado outside in -30 (not including wind chill) was a numbing experience.
        I feel for ya, bro.

  1. Hi Mary,

    Ahhh yes,.. thank you.

    After your posting here, I looked up about the deaths it caused, and of course it listed only “6” children dead, but 100 of thousands made ill by it, but at the time, I could have sworn that the death count alone was some where between several thousand to 10,000 babies killed by this (in China), and the number of babies made sick in the 100’s of thousands.

    Looks like the Chinese have been hard at work revising history like Winston in 1984!

    I think the point of my comment was, if the Chinese are willing to kill thousands of their own peoples babies (for simple profit no less!),… then how willing would they be to kill Americans by the millions (for simple profit no less!)?

    I suspect your quite right with your comment, if they send these “Free” masks out to Americans,… what did they coat them with? (nano-particles?, a real virus?, cancer inducing exosomes?, Bill gates “Quantum Dots?” – whatever those are… etc.)

    Tell you the truth, if I get one in the mail,… I will NOT touch it with my bare hands, but treat it like any chemically or biologically contaminated material,… AND BURN IT!

    Thanks again Mary – JD

    1. ‘I suspect your quite right with your comment, if they send these “Free” masks out to Americans,… what did they coat them with?’ Although I was thinking the same, it was Misty that called in to comment. Thanks Misty!

    2. Sound advice, JD re don’t touch with bare hands.

      As a rule, when known mass murderers and eugenicists send you products, it’s wise to treat it with healthy skepticism.

      ie If a stranger offered you $1.00 with no strings attached, you’d probably raise a stink eye, right?

      If someone you KNEW was guilty of murdering millions, would you maybe think twice about it?!

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