16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 5, 2020

  1. 30 and sunny.

    Here is the reroute number (425) 535-9135.
    Instructions are given.

    PS. There is an extra day this winter. LOL

  2. To Henry…. Changes. ‘Cause sometimes I feel grossly unprepared. I don’t mean in prepping or aiming, but in dealing with the corrupt courts. Today, {@6:35}, listening to you answer Charlie’s question re what to say to those people, I realized I do not yet have the ability to do that, to be that confident in my words and ask for dockets and stenographers, etc. They raised us to stay out of such matters, but you dove in and learned it and fully owned it. Granted, I might know a bit more than I did a few years ago, but I still have far to go. I need to overcome the intimidation and be able to walk right in there like you would.

    Anyhow, all this brought up an honest question: Is there anything in our Common Law that allows for someone to speak for an other if that other does not feel capable of speaking for him or herself? Of course, I don’t mean an attorney (God, forbid), but someone knowledgeable of the true law, of our inherent rights, and who can fully articulate and represent another person? I ask because every time I think of having to go in there, be it for Second Article issues, or even a traffic issue, there’s this little voice that goes off in my head and says, “I ain’t goin’ in there without Henry!!” See what I mean? I know I have to stand on my own two feet but it’s like saying, “Run the mile in 4 minutes, when I might only be able to run it in 10, if that. PRESSURE!!


    1. The 6th Article guarantees the right to counsel. Counsel in a common law court is not an attorney who takes custody of you as corporate property to decide how you are to be disposed of, but rather a person learned in the law, who sits beside you and can discuss with you each and every word you speak before you speak it.

  3. Thank you Henry for another informative broadcast!

    There’s a possibility of snow for us tonight. It doesn’t snow in our part of Texas. Might be seeing it more frequently now that the earth is cooling not heating as the liars have people convinced of. They covered themselves by now terming it climate change. Frauds!

  4. “…..Is there anything in our Common Law that allows for someone to speak for an other if that other does not feel capable of speaking for him or herself? …..”

    Yes, Galen, I believe the sixth article covers that in the phrase “to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.”

    “…ps: I wonder if anyone else feels this way?….”

    Yes, I feel that way….almost. What I actually feel is that when we do get our common law courts back, people who know me will draft me for the position because (without sounding like a braggart, hopefully) I’m really good at arguing.

    People’s verbal abilities vary. Some are better at it than others (left-handed people, especially), so it’s a good idea to have someone argue for you if it’s not your forte. Another big factor is nervousness, which will definitely affect the defendant a lot more than an unaffected person who argues for him.

  5. Thank you, Henry. I take comfort in that, and I take it this “counsel” is of The Bill of Rights. Can’t wait ’till we’re back to that lawfulness.


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