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  1. Here’s an Interesting conversation for this 4th of July weekend. Focuses on the beginnings of the nation. Some serious constitution-shredding ahead. Can’t say it’s perfect. I have to listen again, but picked up some very good points. There’s a long advertisement in the middle, about 6 minutes that can be fast forwarded. I can’t say the all of what these speakers know regarding The Bill of Rights and the uprising, but I found this riveting and think it’s worth the time. If interested, at link click on either “Download file,” or “Play in new window.”:



    1. I listened and learned how high the level of intelligence was, of Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee. I would have liked to hear the people having the conversation mention how the Bill of Rights was worked into the Constitution and how, even though it was violated, it never died. I need to listen a few more times. Learn by repetition and catch what I missed each time. Powerful info.

    2. I don’t know if these guys made any mistakes. They seemed to be genuinely trying to break it down and show where those who forced The Constitution betrayed. The fine points, I’ll have to brush up on. I just wish I had had a real history teacher when I was younger, one who really brought it all to life and who fired me up about the value, importance, and urgency of true freedom, and who also taught me how to sniff out treason and to use my lawful rights to fight it, check it. Well, at least at The Trench, slowly but surely, I have been rehabilitating my history education. A good history teacher is a bless-ed thing (grin).


      1. Galen, 2nd time through the conversation. This is brilliant! So many great quotes, information and knowledge to master. Thanks for posting this!

    3. All through time
      Men look towards leaders.
      Not all have. And especially not those with less to gain.
      Ain’t nothing changed.
      The same bullshit negotiations I read in “The Birth of the Bill of Rights” as is today.
      I haven’t listened to all but maybe thirty minutes and
      these dudes already said that the Constitution wasn’t ran across the gen pub, okay?
      Then they’re talking about the same folk, that ain’t the same folk who couldn’t afford to take four months off to arrange a guberment contract (constitution) being the ones to say how it’s gonna be.
      Maybe I missed something.
      I’ll listen to the rest,and probably again.
      My mom used to say “candy ass”
      She was also fond of whipping hot coffee, and the cup at someone pissing her off at the dinner table.
      Sometimes there was collateral damage…
      🙂 True story
      I will hear the rest.

        1. I’m givin’ it a second listening, too. What makes it a little difficult is they frequently use sarcasm, irony, and humor. So a few times when I thought they were veering off course, they turned the boat around. One example was the hammering of any theocratic idea of any not being sovereign in his own right. And I really appreciated how they exposed those who not only opposed The Bill of Rights, but vehemently fought against it. A lot to take in. Did I mention that in my next life I am going to be an Historian Extraordinaire? I am!! (giggle, giggle)


          1. Kind of a sentimental day. You know, I joked a bit about needing to learn real history but I really should have conveyed the urgency of doing that. That’s not just because of getting to the truth but also to thoroughly understand the sacrifice, the suffering and death that was endured to give us all a shot at the real thing—-> LIFE OUT FROM UNDER. I honor them with everything in me, and to really honor them is to fight.


    4. I listened to this piece and there were many things said that should be said on every broadcast, things we say here every day, a virtual spoonful of sugar.
      Now let’s go to the drops of arsenic in that spoonful of sugar.
      To begin with, the Bible is not the common law or the law of this land. This is English common law and cannot stand the test of against the absolute unalienable ratified law of December 15, 1791.
      When this gentleman talks about church power, I tell you right now, the church does not have any power or authority over any individual or over any notion of government, and to suggest that it does is hawking a loogie on our 1st Article.
      Then let’s go to the mention of the Declaration of Independence, the hijacking of the uprising for natural individual rights and freedom. This is a document written for of and by the f-king elite. You will notice one of their bitches in it is that they cannot bring in larger groups of corporate indigent slaves to more quickly extract the resources of the country, ripping the country apart and poisoning it in the process.
      We have gotten people up to realizing, “f-k the Constitution” but cannot connect the reality between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
      And then these fellas go on to start talking about the Articles of Confederation, which were nothing but another attempt to seize power from the individual and claim it for the colonies.
      Here is an excerpt from Article IV of the Articles of Confederation:
      “The better to secure and perpetuate mutual friendship and intercourse among the people of the different states in this union, the free inhabitants of each of these states, paupers, vagabonds and fugitives from Justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several states,”
      As a side note the mention of Tombstone Arizona and the Earps shows these people are still in the box. The Earps were an organized family crime gang, you know, like the Gotti’s. They did not come to Tombstone to live with and be a part of the people who had lived there for a hundred years before the silver was discovered. They came for mammon and power and they had political connections clear to Washington DC. Virgil Earp wrote down on a piece of paper and nailed it to the wall. That paper said your absolute unalienable 2nd Article right was suspended via dictate and in violation of the law. These mother f-kers were all high masons and should have been wiped out, tried and hung for treason and sedition.
      These guys doing this broadcast are states’ rights advocates when to start with, there are no states, there are corporations.
      I know I’ve said it a hundred times but I am going to say it again. Try to impose the tiniest bit of a theocracy on me or the theory that the states are good guys and can have power over the people and I will blow your f-king head off.
      These two sons of bitches talk pretty tough at the beginning of their broadcast about everybody else doing nothing. I want to know how many of their bones have been broken. I want to know how much of their blood has been spilled. I want to know how much of their time has been spent as a captured political prisoner. They lay out their redneck agenda but give no course to follow to implement. Why? Because their f-king confederation agenda is mitigated by the individual jurisdictional authority of the American national. These good old boys talk a good good old boy game but that Bill of Rights shuts their ass down because it is the only way the people regain their rightful jurisdictional authority, which they do not have to delegate one teeny tiny part of to the states and their corporations or federations that these good old boys controlled from the beginning and made more powerful day by day as long as it was not their rights that were being sacrificed.
      In short, f-k em, and may I meet them in a common law court trying to enforce a biblical dictate that they have conjured out of the subject matter theology and shove it right down their f-king throat as I charge them with treason and sedition.
      Well there’s your sugar in arsenic, so anyone who wants to go fight for a confederation with biblical law that would be a violation of the 9th and 10th Articles, I’ll see you on the battlefield.
      These guys think their good old boy jargon can allow them to sneak the poison in. To them I say, try it mother f-kers and you will be tried and hung as the traitors you are.

      1. Thanks for the clarification, Henry. I actually thought they were putting down any theocratic agenda, but they spoke in a way that was sometimes difficult to understand. I so appreciate you highlighting the fine points of error. I was actually hoping you would. Freedom is so big. Sometimes things want to sneak in and make it smaller. Can’t do.


      2. Thank you, Henry. The asenic for me was how they glossed over the Bill of Rights without drawing out is power as the supreme, superior law of the land, which you mention in each and every broadcast. When the one guy surmised Patrick Henry’s understanding of Biblical law, that was the first drop of arsenic in the sugar. When he said, “bought at a price”, the only price that would justify this statement was the blood of every one of his ancestors throughout the ages, who bled on and off the battlefield to defeat and to destroy those same oppressors who are still lording it over the people today. Now, I am questioning the word, “bought” which really should have been, “fought”. The word “price” should be questioned as well. It was sad to hear the deafening silence regarding that law of freedom that they could have elaborated on so as to say freedom never really died. It is embodied in a living document which they tried to bury completely, and here’s where you will find it. They could have done that. It felt like they buried it even deeper, but due to what I have learned from you, Henry, I have a leg up on it, and I know better.

        1. I made a terrible mistake when I said “living document” in my previous comment. I meant to say it is still alive and it can never be changed.

  2. We should only fight when we have the right time to overtake the enemy. HUNKER DOWN THEY CANT FCKG DO A THING!! YOU STEPPED ON MY LAND!!?!??! BAM SQUARE BETWEEN THE EYEBALLS!! FU IM DONE TALKIN !!!!!!!!

    1. Run thru the streets to make a stand!! The Pigs Will Bitch tackle u in the dirt. YOU GAIN NOTHING!!! IF THEY DONT KILL YOU JUST TO CERTIFY THEIR EQUIPMENT!!!! We are the law of this land!!! THEY DONT STAND A CHANCE AND THEY ARE READY TO GO UNDERGROUND!!! Goooodnite! Remember DEC 15 1791.

  3. Galen, I came into this having some understanding of what life was like in the mid 1200s under the English aristocracy. I watched the movie Braveheart which seemed to show the level of ferocity and intelligence it took for the Scots to take on the king and his henchmen. They took a chance at freedom, but sadly, they only had it when they were soaked in blood. Fast forward 500 years or so, we come to the blood soaked warriors who cleared the way for the best chance of freedom we have ever had. These people must never be forgotten. Today, in honour of them, I struck up a conversation with a man at the grocery store as we were passing eachother in opposite directions. It was about the bs we had all just gone through over these past 2 years. I said to him, when they try to pull this kind of crap on us again, and they will, will you fight? Will you please fight? I really hope you will. Maybe I planted a seed in the mind of a good man, or maybe I just irritated a candy ass who is happy and content with chewing on the scaps from the slavery table. I will never know.

    1. So, you struck up a conversation and asked him a most important question. But did he not answer that question?


      1. Galen, he just said that he wants it all to end, to which I replied, “right now, they are using the Transit Windsor bus service to keep it going with permanent mask mandates! A young woman is in jail right now because yesterday she exercised her right to travel without a breathing barrier strapped over her face. When this bs first started 2 years ago, I fought the manager of this store! I even fought my doctor. I said NO and I fought the mask mandates every step of the way.” The feeling I got from him was that what I shared with him was making him feel uncomfortable. I got the feeling that even though he looked like someone with a proper back bone and a face without a breathing barrier on it, I was talking to a candy ass who wants it to end, but may not be willing to step up to at least stop following the rules. I think if he was willing to fight, I would have sensed it. Maybe he was embarrassed for being shown up by a girl. He didn’t answer me directly. Maybe he is thinking it over.

        1. You made him realize “apathy”. Well done, because that’s a “come to Jesus” moment for any man who considers himself to be a man. It’s a big question you proposed to him and it wasn’t “do you want it to end”, it was “what are you willing to do to stop it?” It’s like breakfast with bacon and eggs. The chicken takes part and makes a contribution, but not one of true sacrifice. The pig is committed wholly.

          1. Martist, I like your chicken egg and pig bacon analogy! My American friends always joke around about Canadian back bacon which makes me wonder, what was that guy’s back bone really made of? At first glance, he really didn’t look like a chicken, to me. But then, again, he didn’t really look like a pig, either. Hmmmm… I learned something.
            One thing I can add is back in the mid 1980s when it was easy to travel between our 2 countries, I spent some time in West Virginia. West Virginia breakfast sausage is the best sausage I have ever tasted.

        2. West Virginia is just south of me. Sadly never been there, or many parts of the US for that matter, but had the experience of travel through Europe from 99-14. It was a good run but made me appreciate home because I got the opportunity to see the forced invasions of those countries and how the people there felt. Met many nice Canadians in nazi joo-sey and many were like minded, much the same as the Europeans. Never had poutine, though, but will have to try it sometime! I do make a mean jaegerschnitzel though.

          1. I was watching the reports coming out of Europe from the people who were being trampled on by that invasion. That was all part of setting up what we’re all going through now. What an awful thing to see. I appreciate home, too, except when I have to go anywhere the people are still walking around with their slave muzzle on. I wonder how those like minded Canadians you met in Nazi joo-sey are fighting this corona bologna bs today. We have a lot of different freedom groups here. If we all unite around accessing our courts in the Common Law, we can take the corruption in our country down and dispose of it properly. Then, after we clean up the mess from that, poutine for everyone who wants some! Yummy! Jaegerschnitzel poutine!

  4. Another storm with high winds early yesterday morning.
    More trees and branches down here, and mostly at the main farm.
    Muggy as fk
    Can watch the corn grow
    Sweating out the bourbon
    Smelling like a whiskey barrel

  5. Just another reason why I love the Trenches so much! Today, you played Dire Straits HEAVY FUEL!!! !! !!! !! !!! Among all the other great Trencher songs! Gitsum!

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