The Word From the Trenches – July 19, 2019

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32 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – July 19, 2019

    1. “A statement said: “We are presently unable to contact the vessel which is now heading north towards Iran.”


  1. One of my best friends when I was growing up was given that choice… go into the military, or go to jail.

    He was sent to Vietnam (synchronized .50 cal. on a Huey) and came back without a scratch.

    It was the heroin habit that he brought back with him that killed him a decade later.


  2. The last few minutes of the show are so important. It is the precipice that any true American National must arrive at. Patrick Henry and the the other Henry said so. Give me Liberty or…


    1. Exactly Galen this is the attitude we all must have. Our enemies will tremble at the american nationals with such unwavering convictions. I’d rather die a real american than live knowing I’m coward.

  3. My family has been here for generations. I’ll be damned if I go down without a fight. They have pushed us too far.

  4. Charlie has succumbed to the ”Resistance is Futile” mantra. it’s not entirely his fault, it has been beaten into our skulls for at least 60 years. i like to think of it this way.. if they had half the shit that Jack Bauer had access to in ’24’, they’da run over us by now. they do not have the means. Henry has said it 471 times.. if they could take our guns, THEY WOULD have already! watch the news, it’s ALWAYS a woman, elderly, A CHILD, or a single man with 10 of ”them” that they go for. when’s the last time an HA Clubhouse was raided?? they ARE NOT interested in resistance. that’s why they ILLEGALLY bring 15 into your house at 3am, least resistance. they are pussies and afraid. if you just happened to be awake on ‘your turn’, you could do serious damage. if you survive, it will not be on the news. if you die, they’ll minimize the damage you did.. but we’ll know. if they kill us 10-1, we’ll destroy them in a 3-day weekend. fear is ALL they have. 3% is at least 9 million of us. there are (+/-) 2mln active duty military and pO-lice in this country. if 100% OF THEM fought against us, we still outnumber them 4 or 5 to 1. THAT’S WHY they are afraid, with good goddamm reason! oh, and their numbers cannot go up, ours only will!

      1. Thank you, Mary. Wow, it’s like a Patrick Henry love-fest!! Much to learn and understand about the man. Can’t say he was perfect (who is?) but he was on fire for freedom, and that fire was his legacy. I feel the fire!!

        To be involved in this fight, tedious and strenuous as it can get, is the greatest journey of my life. The fire may have gone to embers, but I see sparks, even flames. We are burnin’ down the lie. Burn baby, burn!!!


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