The Word From the Trenches – July 29, 2020

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4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – July 29, 2020

    1. Hi Robert,

      Yes, thank you!

      I am very interested in seeking this kind of information out, as it will us determine what kind of impact this dislocated demand will have on local prices.

      As it is, food prices are going up in the near and mid-term future, guaranteed.

      This is due to several factors which include:

      1 – Shut Downs: Shut down of production facilities and farms here in the US and in other countries (supply side disruption)

      2 – Inflation (Hence – Devaluation): The US is about to “create” out of nothingness, another TRILLION plus zollars (Zionist-jew Dollar (aka: Federal Reserve Notes) to add to largest debt ever created in human history (US Debt currently 26.6 TRILLION and 80+ TRILLION Total Debts) with no end in sight. Mega or Hyper-Inflation,… on it’s way. (Monetary Disruption)

      3 – China – With the loss of crops needed to feed some 400 ~ 500 Million Chinese, China will become global buyers on an unprecedented scale causing shortages at home (Demand Disruption)

      4 – Oil: Eventual, oil which is priced in Zollars will feel the inflationary pressures of devalued currencies, and will rise in price. This mechanism of price relationship to virtually everything on the planet gets transmitted to the end user almost instantly and will be added to food prices through production, distribution, & retail cost increases. (Support and Distribution Systems Disruption)

      5 – Commodities Markets: Naturally, Futures and Options traders on the commodities markets will speculate on these price anomalies, and worsen the situation like Enron did with it’s energy contracts in California, which caused people’s electric rates to balloon by over a 1,000 % in some cases! (Comex/Market Disruptions)

      And these are just some of the cost-push drivers that will cause food prices to increase within the next months!

      It may get ugly,… like Michelle Obama ugly! So I advise people to keep an eye on local food prices, and when they see a firm increase of 10% or more, it may be time to stock up on whatever people can comfortably afford and store.

      Just a suggestion on my part, which I also do for myself and family.

      JD – Starving people always say,.. “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

      1. Thanks for the reply J.D. Most information I get is from conversations with people and I can’t post and finding the facts these days you have to read between the lines on so many articles. Most of the articles speaking of China buying food are trying to say it is because they are finally honoring their phase one agreement but you should ask “why now?”. I believe it is because they have no choice due to the severe flooding. At the same time they are having locust outbreaks and drought in other parts of the country. They have also had late snow in a northeastern province known for grain production. I really do believe their purchases will become more apparent shortly.

        As for waiting to see a 10% increase I belive we are seeing it in certain things, especially rice which globally is up 70%. Here in San Antonio going to Costco the last two months I’ve noticed that they don’t have the same rice brands I have been stocking up on for the last 7 years and prices were up from around 7 bucks to almost 9. Of course a limit of 1 per account. Most everything else I stock was up a quarter or two or just wasn’t in stock. A life-long friend lives in Dallas and he is noticing this also and that it seems they don’t have as much in their overhead storage either. I think a lot is being done to conceal what is going on with food to avoid panic and to keep people from starting their own gardens.

        Food is always the weapon of governments no matter what “ism” or “cracy” is on the label. They will let their own people starve while selling to other countries for higher profit and I fear this will happen here as China holds far more gold than we do. Been trying for years to get friends and family to start growing food and it is only in the last few months that some have started to listen. I hope it is not too late, but it can take years to get the knowledge and skills necessary to grow both quality and quantity. And with the supply chain disruption we may not even be able to get the fertilizers and equipment we need.

        TPTB have certainly created a perfect shitstorm here and I fully believe they have gone “all in” to destroy us. I tire of hearing people say this is just because of the election as I don’t see how they can turn this off no matter who “wins”. I strongly recommend stocking up now as all signs are pointing to shortages of almost everything, not just food.

        I was also reading that the locust outbreaks in Argentina and Brazil have moved into Uruguay, Ecuador, El Salvador, and a few other Latin American countries. There were speculations they may be in North Mexico and Southern US by late harvest. Just another possible problem on the horizon.

        Stay safe, stock up, grow what you can and above all be prepared to defend it. Things will get worse before they get better.

        1. The wheat in the fields of the United States, through the duplicity of the corporate welfare state, belongs to the Chinese, but to complete the fraud it must be harvested, transported to the docks and shipped. The question is will enough American nationals realize that unless they take the f-king grain they will watch their children starve while the Chinese are eating it? Balls and brains, and f-k China. A couple of Titan submarines worth of nuclear warheads is all we owe those little ant colony bastards, so if they want to try and stop us they can put on their powder blue and give it a go and become the fertilizer for next year’s crops. Our people will get mean or they will go to their knees and try to justify allowing this shit to come about as their children’s and grandchildren’s bodies bloat from starvation.

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