The Word From the Trenches – July 31, 2020

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20 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – July 31, 2020

    1. Well, I’m seein’ this article quite a bit differently. I could only stomach a few paragraphs of it, but what!!? He’s appealing to Trump, over and over again, “urging him to use the full power of his office to force open the economy of the country…”? And he’s asking, “What do they have on Trump?” I’d bet Jon Rappoport knows full-well that Trump is connected to the ruthless communist agenda. I detest his implying otherwise. He’s been around so long. Then he talks about “growing a pair.” Well, when will he do that and stop the gate-keeping, both on Trump and 9/11 and on who’s REALLY runnin’ the country?


    I am very suspicious that those who were tested were seeded with something

  2. I am wondering about the computerized vehicles that most Americans are driving. Can they remotely disable them?

    1. I’d say they could kill the computers in the cars with an EMP, easy.
      Kill the computer, kill the cars ability to run.

        1. My guess is absolutely. Just like the back doors into the computers. They leave no rock unturned with technology.

        2. The answer to your question Mary is yes

          And it’s just not On-Star
          They all have a form of that now if newer cars
          There are videos of it
          One reason I like my old vehicles

    2. Hi Mary,

      Yes, they can remotely disable any car produced after 2010, some models even earlier than that.

      Currently, ALL cars are produced with the disable feature under the guise that if the car needs to be repossessed, they can disable first so that the current owner can not keep driving it.

      This, and tracking are the primary reasons for the electronic control features on a car, not fuel savings or exhaust reductions.

      NWO Mantra: … Control!, Control!, Control!

      Best Way To Get Around It: Break off that little f’n antenna in the roof! Actually, the best way to defend against your car receiving a “disable” signal, is to pull the antenna coax out from the back of the radio chassis, however this is not easy to do in many cars because they bury it so deep in the consul that it requires taking your dash/consul apart to reach the rear mounted wires. (The antenna coax, is the thick black one that looks a lot like the coax you use for your home tv or cable signals)

      Another quick way, but may not be effective enough to stop reception of the disable signal, is to fold a large piece of heavy duty foil in to 12″ x 12″ square (or as big as you need), place a little (thin) piece of foam over that little antenna on your roof (To keep the foil from touching the antenna), and then mold the foil down around the antenna making sure to completely cover the antenna and taping the edges down to the roof. I don’t know if this will be enough as it depends on several factors for effectiveness, but it will definitely reduce the ability of your car’s receiver to get a signal.

      Personally, when the SHTF, I am going to unscrew the antenna from the roof, and disconnect or cut the coax and then screw the antenna back on to keep water out. (Note: This will kill your radio as well!)

      Just a few thoughts on this import subject.

      JD – Making sure your car can not be remotely disabled is VERY important!

      1. Dang, JD, them’s some good tips. I will share with hubby. You are survivalist extraordinaire. Big thanks!!



    1. In my 2012 I also had to pull a fuse in the panel
      It’s company owned , but that’s me anyways
      All my other rides are old

  3. In terms of the kill-shot swiftly coming toward us… Urgency highlighted:

    “And them things that you weren’t gonna do until right at the end… it’s at the end!! Get to doin’ ’em. RIGHT NOW!”
    — Henry Shivley, 7/31/20


  4. Thank u Henry, I always say how late in the day it is, & we know the trigger has been pulled so this will all accelerate at “Warp Speed”, fkn pun intended!!!!

    And so be it..!

  5. Been listening to all your shows lately as they are certainly music to my ears & very inspiring! I live in New Zealand – funny that you reference here as a hideout for these freaks but totally believable also! Like the UK, our guns were effectively taken away en masse a long time ago & more recently, as you will all have heard, we had a little “mosque shooting” “problem” here that enabled the government to very quickly (next day) roll out their “solution” to solve it & tidy up any loose ends. Of course I wasn’t around when all this started so I certainly can’t be blamed for “allowing this to happen” but I really do live in a land of many, many sheep who did! Anyway, just to let you know that despite all the compliant idiots around us I do know there would be many people here, as well as others in countries in the same boat as us, who are fully with you in spirit when it comes to the upcoming battle you face. Our nations out here really have been heavily attacked by the enemy to the degree that the majority of our “citizens” are pretty much the zombies portrayed in popular movies these days. I know you face this problem there to a lesser degree but we also look to the US as what we also could have been if more people here would’ve been stronger in the past & said a big “f-k you” to the oppressors. Anyway, best wishes from a brother across the sea who wished from the depths of my soul that I & others could send you additional strength somehow – you will beat the enemy & one day we will all rejoice together!

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