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The Word From the Trenches – July 6, 2018

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11 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – July 6, 2018

  1. mary in ND says:

    72 rain

  2. Katie says:

    “We must reject…the broad contention submitted in behalf of the government that all receipts everything that comes in are “income”…” US Supreme Court, So. Pacific v. Lowe, 47 U.S. 330, (1918)

  3. mary in ND says:

    I was told I have ‘warped views’ …. making many of the same points as Henry is today

    • Katie says:

      You were speaking to a bona fide retard!

    • Jolly Roger says:

      “warped views” is an excellent way to end a debate you can’t win. (he admitted defeat by being reduced to name-calling rather than addressing the facts)

      He sounds a lot like my brother

  4. Katie says:

    “The Government is an abstraction, and its possession of property largely constructive. Actual possession and custody of Government property nearly always are in someone who is not himself the Government but acts in its behalf and for its purposes. He may be an officer, an agent, or a contractor. His personal advantages from the relationship by way of salary, profit, or beneficial personal use of the property may be taxed.” U.S. Supreme Court, United States v. County of Allegheny 322 US 174 (1994)

  5. Katie says:

    Excellent broadcast Henry, thank you.

  6. flee says:

    Hey… just to lighten things up.

    Drum roll pulleazzz.

    My x wife wants me to send her 2K to go on vacation.

    Yeah… that’s pretty fkd up.

    Kinda of gives you a baseline of how fkd up people r.

    I gotta brothel down the road.

    I could spend a week there.

    Only thing is I haven’t had medical insurance since 2008.

    That’s when they left me to die in the flood channels in Vegas.

    I just can’t afford to have a heart attack at a brothel smoking weed and sippin on vodka.

    I mean…

    Who’s gonna tow my truck…?

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