The Word From the Trenches – June 1, 2020

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4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 1, 2020

  1. Jamal’s comment:

    And so damn what!? What they want is the ability to designate any one they deem a threat to the Zionist controlled government terrorists to do with as they please. What do you think the NDAA/patriot acts are all about? F**k you too trump, I’ll be glad to deal with any antifa pricks, terrorist or not. That’s just a damn word to me when you can easily call anyone who you dont favor terrorist. To hell with labels. Keep them, and the lead you’ll be getting too you commie Zionist pigs. All of you. I’ve seen enough Palestinian children fight against tanks with rocks to defend their families because their fathers were kidnapped and murdered. So bring it on, I swear to GOD I’m ready to do this you mother f-king right and left wing pieces of shit. Let’s do this and we can all f-king burn!

    1. Thanks Henry & Jamal,

      When I first read this, I knew immediately if we all wrote about the same sentiment, everyone one of our comments would be differently worded then Jamal’s, but the idea would be the same!

      We all have our own way of thinking about these events, and the truth’s that Henry, me, and all our contributors seek out and send in, but in the end, we understand what it means, and we understand we will NOT be played!

      What I liked about Jamal’s comment mostly, was it clearly shows he “has his mind right”, and is ready to fight when it comes to him, but it also shows he will not be baited into these zionist ploys,… Jamal, like the rest of us will pick our time and place when to fight, and fight the real enemy,.. not the media created ones, or the hired actors!

      Tactic #1: Do nothing!, Observe, listen, learn, determine the real enemy and the their real objectives, do NOT engage to early,.. or to late, but when the circumstances clearly indicate to you,.. your time has arrived.

      When it is time, we will have to fight these zionist’s paid for mercenaries (traitors cops) to get to their next line of defense, national guards/military, UN Troops, and finally their individually assigned body guards before we can confront (kill) or arrest them for treason and sedition, so we have a long fight in front of us, do not be anxious to get in right away, this will be a long slug-fest, but we will enjoin the fight, kill all these low life zionist scum traitors, and arrest the few left alive to put them on trial, record all of their deprivations and methods for future generations to be ever watchful for, and then hang every last one of them as we restore the real law of this land!

      We will prevail,… because failure is unthinkable, and not an option!

      JD – US Marine Waiting For The Real War To Restore The “Bill of Rights” To Start!

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