18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 12, 2018

    1. North Dakota had the highest increase in suicide rates in the country (57%).

      I don’t think you’re the only one who’s tired of the seven-month winters. The dark days of December depress people. I make sure I get out in the sun (what little I see of it) in the winter.

  1. Between those of us that won’t vote, give up our guns, and file tax returns correctly, they need to replace us. I believe the income tax filings are putting a real hurt on them, it may be minuscule in the scheme of extortions, but they have to know the jig is up for 10’s of thousands out here.

    2016, had to call irs so they could verify OUR identity, this was after filing correctly. C’mon, same ss# and name to match the # for yrs. & yrs., oh and same address. What’s up with that?

    Great broadcast, Henry, thank you!

  2. “So, how does one unregister from the voter rolls? In Texas, there seems to be primarily two different ways of accomplishing this: explicit request and tacit acquiescence. According to Title 2, Chapter 16 of the Texas Election Code, it says that a voter “must submit to the registrar a written, signed request for the cancellation… the registrar shall cancel a voter’s registration immediately on receipt of a request.” The other route entails not voting long enough; if you fail to renew your voter registration certificate and it expires, that by itself unregisters you from the voter rolls. A version on a theme of this is that if your residence is in doubt (because you’ve moved since you last voted), then you are placed on a “suspense list,” and given enough time, your voter registration is cancelled. Regardless of which flavor you unregister by, the registrar should “deliver written notice of the cancellation to the voter.”

    Admittedly, unless you are explicitly requesting your local Registrar to cancel your voter registration, the details get pretty murky with whether your registration has already been cancelled or not. It is probably best to contact the local Registrar and first ask if you are registered; if not, then ask if they would be able to deliver by mail a written notice to you of the cancellation, pursuant to Sec. 16.036 of the Texas Election Code.

    I must impress upon you that it is likely the legal statutes wherever you live might very well be different from Texas. So, it would become incumbent upon you to perform your own due diligence and first check your state government’s statutes on elections, and then contact your county Registrar to determine your current status. It also wouldn’t hurt if you checked both the US Census Bureau and your local county government for statistics regarding your local county and voting populations, analyze them, and then determine whether or not they happen to follow the same pattern I discovered with Travis & Williamson counties here in Texas. Depending upon the results, you may want to write a letter to the editor of your local mainstream paper, or simply publish your findings somewhere on the Internet.”


    1. good info Katie….I am not registered here and certainly have no intention of registering when I move to Texas 🙂

    2. I don’t get it. Why was it simple for me to unregister yet complicated for others? Last month I unregistered. I posted about it somewhere in the comments section, twice. I just walked in to the County Office of Elections and said that I needed to unregister to vote. Sweet lady said, “Okay, fill this out.” Had to provide name, address and SS number. Took less than a minute. Asked when it would be made official and she said, “In about 10 days.” That was it. I’ll have to wait and see if any loose ends (tentacles) appear that I will have to deal with. I also understand that the procedure differs from state-to-state. Hoops for us, either way. Defy the hoop! As best we can, anyhow.


      1. ps: I was not asked to provide a reason for unregistering, but if I had been I wouldn’t have given an answer. It’s none of their business!!


      2. It is that easy, although some states perhaps require an explanation of which of course you don’t have to respond.

  3. I liked this persons explanation for removing them self from the voter rolls.

    “Firstly, don’t register. If you have registered, write a letter to your local Registrar of Voters requesting that you be removed from their list and why. For example:

    Kindely remove my name from your list of voters and any list derived therefrom, and destroy all records of my voter registration. I no longer care to give government credibility with my vote or registration to vote.
    Government is merely a device for seizing the wealth and controling the property of others. It is a parasitic system that has displaced and destroyed private enterprise. I find it abhorent to be enslaved or to use government to enslave others. I prefer a voluntary society of self interested people in which insurers protect the insured, and arbitrators determine the property value to be compensated in disputes between people who own themselves and are responsible for their property. “http://voluntarysociety.org/action/unregister.html

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