The Word From the Trenches – June 26, 2019

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Archive: TWFTT 6-26-19

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32 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – June 26, 2019

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Well.. I’m f%&ked.

    Can’t get either link to work now. managed to f%&k me over AGAIN!!!

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


  3. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Now just lean back Henry and open wide sir, This wont hurt a bit, now open and ……….Ooooops, sorry about that little slip, let’s try that again…

    Now if you need more pain relief, just nod your head..

  4. mary in TX says:

    shazam…just caught the last five minutes…was working outside all day…going to catch the archive

  5. Katie says:

    Thank you Henry for being so friggin awesome, and ok to all your do this, don’t do that, during the fight.

  6. galen says:

    Henry speaks of the first “two million” we’ll have to lose in our fight for our Bill of Rights, and how it will come to each individual, and then we will see who the “hiders” are. It occurred to me that “hider,” in this case, is another word for coward, or traitor.

    ps: In case anybody’s needing a good laugh, a comedy special is airing tonight:

    Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

    Should be grand entertainment.



  7. mary in TX says:

    just finished archive…..powerful hour! grid by grid….spot on!….imo that is how the enemy is going to do it….they are conditioning us for it…’power outages’ but they can shut power down house by house …we need to be on the offense …’shoot the suit’…..made me think of galen 🙂 T shirt 🙂

  8. Zombie Annihilation says:

    Catholic “charities” are also aiding and embedding this invasion. I’m not really a big fan of all those “good” judeo christians etiher. Never have been to be honest. A traitor is a traitor I don’t care about how they might portray themselves.

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