The Word From the Trenches – June 30, 2020

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10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 30, 2020

  1. I read that the fireworks on the 4th will switch to gunfire as the terrorists invade the suburbs to kill whites

    1. Hi Katie,

      Your one of our Shield Maidens here on the Trenches, so I don’t want to sound like I am disparaging or criticizing you in anyway!

      These people are off base.

      I grew up in NYC, and it was, and still is completely normal to hear fireworks going of days, even a week or so before the 4th, and during the 4th, I ALWAYS marveled at how many damn fireworks would be set off since it was “illegal” to have them in NYC limits! There were literally streets you could not drive down because you were afraid your car might catch fire from all the fireworks going off, and the piles of burning paper from the ones already set-off!

      What is not normal, is hearing them being set off so late at night so frequently, which I believe to be part of these zionist orchestrated insurrection to create the “appearance” that whole cities and this country are “tearing itself apart”, when nothing could be further from the truth!

      While we have seen over-dramatized news coverage of scripted events, the realty is, it is peaceful and civil everywhere in this country except in the few staged event zones that they desperately keep trying to portray as nationwide scene, which of course, it is not.

      As far as “Burning Cities Down”,…. this is nonsense.

      It is actually VERY difficult to get any area of a city burning without concentrated and coordinated efforts, much less entire cities,…. they are simply designed and built to NOT burn whatever the circumstances.

      This has been true since the US and ALL major cities around the world starting building and revising the Fire Codes developed well over 130 years ago (circa 1905) by John Damrell and the Fire Fighting Organizations and Building Code requirements he helped create. (See: Great Boston Fire of 1872)

      This is why, when Israel attacked and destroyed NYC on September 11, 2001, and World Trade Centers 1 & 2 (Twin Towers) and some 7 hours later, Bldg 7 (NOT structurally damaged or hit by a plane) collapsed, it did NOT set the rest of the city ablaze even though most of the water mains had been ruptured below ground by the collapsed buildings.

      One Final Note: Zionism, Rothchilds and Israel is behind what is going on right now, and they are ALL parasites, and like any parasite, they need a healthy host to suck their living essence of off since they produce and earn nothing on their own! What they want, is simply complete control and dominance, and if that means a little chaos in the process, that is just part of their mechanism of controlled unrest. In the end, they NEED America alive, functioning and producing wealth for them to suck off of us, otherwise they run out of the very resources they need to control us.

      JD – US Marine Recognizing Who The REAL Enemies Of Our Country Are……

    1. Thank you, Katie. Wow, these two are really tellin’ it. Yet they still hold out some tiny bit of hope for some from the system (Military, FBI, CIA) to come through for us. I hope they are armed up.


      1. Hi Galen,

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

        The FBI, CIA, DHS and every other alpha-bit agency of this criminal cartel are here to protect the zionist (aka: communist) insurrection of this country. Almost all of them were created by jews or jew operatives for the explicit purpose of turning the US into it’s slave colony,… literally.

        If there is savior coming to this country, it’s you, me, Henry, all our fellow Trenchers, and people like us,… but that is it, which is not such a bad thing, as I suspect that in realty, there are some 150 ~ 200 million of us, 50 million which are ready to fight right now against 1 ~ 2 million of these zionists/operatives and useful idiots.

        Have no fear,…. we got this Galen.

        JD – US Marine Looking For A Knife With A Handle Big Enough For All The Notch Marks It’s Going To Get!

        1. Yes, JD, I know about the alphabet traitors. Maybe I didn’t express it clearly; I was just surprised that these folks who speak so fearlessly and call out Israeli Intelligence would still be trusting some within the system. It just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of their message. Hope that clears it up.


          1. Hi Galen,

            Ahhhh!,… Got it my sister!

            I didn’t listen to the very end, as with many videos, soon as I hear a “tell”, an indicator they are controlled opposition (or simply “useful idiots”), I usually stop the video right there,… but I understand your point, and your right, if they understand what Israeli Intelligence is and how it operates, they would know they also control our so called Federal Agencies.

            March on Galen! Sure wish you were here state-side to help in the coming fight!


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