The Word From the Trenches – March 17, 2021

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16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 17, 2021

  1. tornadoes all over us today. til about 5am tomorrow. raining like a sombitch! right this minute 6 counties with tornado warnings.. YEEE HAAAA!

  2. Man, in the last 15 minutes of the show I learned more about how the dollar works then I did my whole life. Big thanks!! Cleared up a lot of mystery.


  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Trenchers!! Yeah, with all the tyranny about, happy is not that easy to create, but we try.

    I’ve a quote and some songs for celebrating. I hope to see more songs posted here, for Ireland and for everybody.

    “There can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign, oppressive British presence is removed, leaving all the Irish people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally, and economically.”
    — Bobby Sands, 1954 – 1981

    >>> Dervish – I saw this performed live. Magical:

    >>> Pogues:

    >>> The live, non-social-distancing version:

    >>> Cranberries:


    1. Bobby Sands was elected to Parliament as he starved himself to death in prison.
      Liberty before life and f-k the British monarchy. F-k all monarchies.


    “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

    “No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.”

    “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken.”

    “They won’t break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show.”

    “I am a political prisoner because I am a casualty of a perennial war that is being fought between the oppressed Irish people and an alien, oppressive, unwanted regime that refuses to withdraw from our land.”

    “I was set to confront the might of the imperial empire with an M-1 carbine and enough hate to topple the world.”

    “I was only a working-class boy from a Nationalist ghetto. But it is repression that creates the revolutionary spirit of freedom.”

    “They have nothing in their entire arsenal to break the spirit of one single Republican prisoner-of-war who refuses to be broken.”

    “Well, I have gotten by twenty-seven years, so that is something. I may die, but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to the Republic and liberation of our people.”

    “We must see our present fight right through to the very end.”

    “We have asserted that we are political prisoners, and everything about our country – our arrests, interrogations, trials, and prison conditions – show that we are politically motivated.”

    “We wish to be treated ‘not as ordinary prisoners,’ for we are not criminals. We admit no crime – unless, that is, the love of one’s people and country is a crime”.

    “I was a skeleton compared to what I used to be, but it didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered except remaining unbroken.”

    “I am dying not just to attempt to end the barbarity of H-blocks or to gain the rightful recognition of political prisoners, but primarily because what is lost here is lost for the Republic.”

    “I am (even after all the torture) amazed at British logic. Never in eight centuries have they succeeded in breaking the spirit of one man who refused to be broken. They have not dispirited, conquered, nor demoralised my people, nor will they ever.”


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