The Word From the Trenches – March 18, 2020

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32 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 18, 2020

  1. I’m in a town of 350 everything is still here … The town over (15miles from here) about 1000 everything in the store and the dollar general…even having sales LOL
    Remember Y2K and the panic then? LOL

  2. @realDonaldTrump
    …”It cannot overcome the dedication of our doctors, nurses, and scientists — and it cannot beat the LOVE, PATRIOTISM, and DETERMINATION of our citizens. Strong and United, WE WILL PREVAIL!”

  3. @realDonaldTrump
    “I want all Americans to understand: we are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people…”

  4. Henry, you say that trucks have not stop running. While that’s true, I’m just wondering if the trucks are fully loaded. Are you sure they don’t only have half a load on their truck? For all we know there could be hardly anything on the truck to begin with. Just sayin’.

    In any case the government is trying to do their damnedest to disrupt transportation across the country. By stopping the trucks or quarantining them in the name of this “War on Virus’” they figure they can create the shortage they want.

    So I guess we are done with the “War on Terror”. Now we’ve moved on to the “War on Virus’”. LMAO!!!! What a joke.

    The media truly present everything as though you were a child. Even the puppet politicians are getting used to speaking and acting like children.

    1. Just talked to Mark Schumacher. He is running fully loaded and says that is what he sees.
      Just before corona showed up, down at the Dollar General, they were overburdened, no more room to stack shit. The employees were wondering what the f-k was going on. And every truck I’ve seen unloading is full.
      However, you are correct. Mark also said he can’t go into a truck stop to eat in many states and they have shut down the road side rest areas.
      They’ve got the shelves emptied through panic, with the stores looking like the old Soviet Union, and now they are definitely starting to f-k with transportation.
      I guess maybe we are supposed to shoot each other over the piles of food that those with the means have accumulated. But since none of this slave fodder comes from the United States, if our people are smart, we’d take out the corporation, nationalize all the growing land that is sending our product to the Chinese, and put transportation back online, and they lose.
      Something to think about.

      1. Hey Henry, just wanted to let you know I’m a trucker and I haul Milk. I went to a DC up in Boston on Tuesday, and a guy there informed me that Government agents came in and told them to shut down. The owner refused and told them he didn’t want all the food they had there to go bad. I was just informed yesterday that orders are cancelling left and right and I have no work today. I was supposed to run a full load of dairy products to Albany NY… I thought these things were essential? Food is going to be used as a weapon. They are going to starve us out.

        1. I was just assigned a Walmart frozen load going to North Carolina out of Chicago, frozen walmart, could be anything, when I find out I’ll comment, loading now.

          They made me sign a Corona disclaimer, yes or no questions, you answer yes, your career is finished.

          Dont know weight yet, but I’m hardly ever full with walmart stuff.

          I work for a 4 truck fleet BTW, I dont work for the big kahuna’s….suicide… I used to, no more…

          My boss gets it done, for how long is anybodys guess. You work for a large fleet, your toast… INMHOP

          1. I haven’t gotten anything like that yet…. Just got a call from the boss no work tomorrow either… I work for a dairy. We have our own small fleet of drivers, and then we farm out the rest of the work to outside carriers…. you know the foreign 25 cent a mile crowd. The big boys who pay garbage wages. We usually get first dibs on deliveries and then what we can’t cover gets farmed out. So its weird that I’m not running and sitting at home. I would assume those guys aren’t running loads for us either. I am going out next week. My normal Tuesday customer in New Hampshire cancelled their whole load, which is usually around 25 pallets of all kinds of stuff, milk, sour cream, creamers….. so I don’t know what the deal is. My boss still threw a load together for me on Tuesday, but it probably won’t be a full trailer, even being a 3 stop run.

            The other label we have who we produce milk for, “Market Basket” which is a huge grocery chain up in New England is still getting full loads. We have guys running up there day and night. I’ll be up there on Monday. This is wild. Be safe out there brother.

          2. Hi Rodgeroc,

            Yeah, all the major coolers are making us sign disclaimers. If you’ve been exposed you cant load.

            The dairy stuff is a mystery, probably because of the feed they feed the cows with. Also, dairy is probably very succeptable to this crap. They are going to play this hand of cards to the end.

            You be safe too brother.

          3. Wow, really. A lot of the places that I go, I unload my own freight. Since I work for the dairy, been for 13 years, I know all the product and how to handle it, and all the paperwork. Based off what you are saying, I’m waiting to be told I can’t go inside. I guess the company will have to start paying the ridiculous lumper fees these warehouses are going to charge.

    2. I just loaded 35000 lbs of frozen fish from Boston, Mass area for Chicago. All the frozen loads I haul, and chilled grocery loads are always full loads, But, the Walmart loads are never full loads, many times only 1/3 full.

      As of late, I’ve been hauling US grown crops, always full.

      When ever I haul from a US farm, I’m always fully loaded, at least 43000 lbs of product, potatoes, any kind of produce, etc.

      The Walmart stuff is always a less than full truck load, almost always.

      Now to be fair, walmart has their own truck fleet, I have no idea how full their trucks are, when I haul their stuff, it’s because it’s probably over flow, stuff they didnt have room for on their own fleet, this is only a guess though, have no idea…

      I haul a refrigerated trailer, I’m usually full..when I haul dry product, it’s a different story.

      I hardly ever haul toilet paper, or any paper products, those loads are for DRY trailers only, but i can haul dry loads if needed.

      I’ve hauled dirt before in my trailer believe it or not, they put it in by conveyer belt, then tip the trailer up and it just spills out when I get to destination, also have hauled alphalpha pellets (live stock feed) in this manner.

      They load seed potatoes in this manner as well, which is a refrigerated load. Always a full load, at least 41000 to 43000 lbs.

      I NEVER WAIT LONG FOR ANY LOAD, IM A BUSY MAN…at least 3000 miles a week…

      1. Thank you for that update Mark. I will pass this along to contacts
        My nephew in chitcago also a truck brother tells me he is busy as hell

  5. This whole thing is to see how far and how much they can get away with, we are guinea pigs. Which in return means, ” get ready for the Big Kahuna”

    15 years of chem trails….finally paid off…

    Every pilot who flew a plane should be hung…

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