The Word From the Trenches – March 23, 2020

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15 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 23, 2020

  1. 150 to 180 thousand people go to the race at Talladega!! one little city in one state in one country in the Ho Wide World! the regular flu has already killed 30k or so.. have y’all noticed pO-lice being scarce?? my brother talked to a state trooper in NC and he said they been told to limit contact.. how bout that!?

  2. the truth is irrelevant unless we back it up the same way they back up the lie. being awake and aware and sitting on the couch is useless! I’m so fukin ready.. yes. the roadblocks will be when i ”go outside”.

  3. i don’t think they’ll send checks at all. i think it’s a stall tactic. to keep us sitting on our hands instead of taking care of business. and even if they did, it wouldn’t be cash ’cause I’d buy a rifle and silver!

    1. I work for cash and trade, also barter happens as well. Nor do i have a bank account, and don’t want their Socialist BS, it’s just another joo loan with usury! We need to build our own network and push them the Fk off the planet!

    2. ‘i don’t think they’ll send checks at all.’ BAM!!! distraction, pacification
      remember the con ….don is the con

      1. Now you’ve got it.
        What they will do is give a pile of cash to one of their many unlawful government contractors and you can go to them, sign your rights away, take a vaccine, and then they will give you your doggie treat.
        Everyone needs to get up on their goddamn feet, lock and load, and shut these mother f-kers down hard. They are incarcerating us without even a charge, let alone our procedural due process. They are absolutely denying our ratified rights by law, and they are doing so at the barrel of a gun. That means this is a war and it is the duty of every American national to destroy the international corporate mafia and restore law and order, hence freedom and liberty.

    1. ‘The phrase “limited targeted attacks” is frequently shorthand for exploits carried out by hackers carrying out espionage operations on behalf of governments. These types of attacks are usually limited to a small number of targets—in some cases, fewer than a dozen—who work in a specific environment that’s of interest to the government sponsoring the hackers.’

  4. So I’m thinking “they” are throwing a bone…checks in the mail…yes people need it. Could this be a test run for if you give me your gun “we” will give you food???

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