The Word From the Trenches – March 24, 2020

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27 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 24, 2020

      1. A tremendous joy to hear you again. You led me down a whole other path when you were on air and read ‘From Major Jordan’s Diaries’. I was fortunate to have been able to get a copy of that book at a very reasonable price.

      2. No effing way it’s JD again yes my wife just misses you so much she said you were a calming effect to Henry’s explosive personality I like both of you guys but I really miss you JD .

  1. Epsteins ex / whore

    This bitch had money and lots of it, her parents were loaded.

    “Since at least 1997, Maxwell has maintained a residence in Belgravia, London.[80][81] In 2000, Maxwell moved into a 7,000-square-foot townhouse on East 65th Street less than 10 blocks from her friend Epstein’s New York mansion. The house was purchased for $4.95 million by an anonymous limited liability company, with an address that matches the office of J. Epstein & Co. Representing the buyer was Darren Indyke, Epstein’s longtime lawyer.[2] In April 2016, the New York townhouse where she had lived was sold for $15 million.[2]

    Following her personal and professional involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell was romantically linked for several years to Ted Waitt, founder of Gateway computers.[22][82] She attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010 as Waitt’s guest.[22] Maxwell helped Waitt obtain and renovate a luxury yacht, the Plan B, and used it for travel to France and Croatia before their relationship ended, in late 2010[20] or early 2011.[22][12]

    In August 2019, reports surfaced that Maxwell had been living in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts, in the home of Scott Borgerson, the CEO of CargoMetrics, a hedge fund investment company involved in maritime data analytics.[83] Maxwell and Borgerson were described as having been in a romantic relationship for several years.[20][83][84] Locals in the town of Manchester by the Sea stated that Maxwell had kept a low profile, went by “G” instead of her full first name, and had been seen on several occasions walking a Vizsla dog along the beach.[85][86] According to court documents, in a civil court dispute which was filed by Borgerson and Maxwell, a neighbouring property manager attested that Maxwell and Borgerson were living together at the property in question. Others have stated that they had been seen repeatedly running together in the mornings.[87] Borgerson stated in August 2019 that Maxwell was not currently living at the home and that he did not know where she was.[83]

    In August 2019, the New York Post published photographs of her allegedly dining at a fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles, but doubts have been raised over the veracity of the report.[88] On 8 December 2019, the British tabloid The Sun offered £10,000 (US$13,333) to anyone who could reveal her whereabouts, which were unknown. As of that date, Maxwell had not appeared at any public events for several months.”

    “Ghislaine Maxwell was born in 1961, in Maisons-Laffitte, France,[7] the ninth and youngest child of Elisabeth (née Meynard), a French-born scholar, and Robert Maxwell, a Czechoslovak-born British media proprietor. Her father was from a Jewish family and her mother was of Huguenot descent. Maxwell was born two days before a car accident left her older brother Michael in a prolonged coma at age 15, unresponsive for several years until his death in 1967.[8] Her mother reflected that the accident had an effect on the entire family, with Ghislaine becoming anorexic while still a toddler.[8] Throughout childhood, Ghislaine resided with her family in Oxford at Headington Hill Hall, a 53-room mansion, where the offices of Pergamon Press, a publishing company run by Robert Maxwell, were also located.[7][9][2] Her mother stated that all of her children were brought up Anglican.[10] Maxwell attended Marlborough College, and Balliol College, Oxford.[1]

    Maxwell had an unusually close relationship with her father and was widely credited with being her father’s favourite child.[2][11][12] The Times reported that Robert Maxwell did not permit Ghislaine to bring her boyfriends home or to be seen with them publicly, after she started attending the University of Oxford.”

    1. Hi JoeSTP,

      Thanks for the kind words,.. it was very cool teaming up with Henry and Co. again!

      I did respond to you (and others) comment on my Peter Schiff video, but apparently I did not use the right user name so it got rejected (spammed),… so thanks again!


    1. Hi Al from Minnesota,

      Thank you for the warm sentiments!

      I love the people on FTT, and of course my brother Henry and his wife Laura.

      My belief is, we’re about to see an economic apocalypse in this country that will make the “Great Depression” look like a warm bubble bath compared to what is coming.

      Our job is to get our fellow Americans ready by trying to use our collective intelligence to make our best predictions, and to adjust our preparations accordingly.

      Since the Mass-Lying-Media will NEVER EVER tell us the truth, it’s down to us few, especially Henry and this site, to get the truth out.

      Gear Up, Arm Up and Get Ready,… I do think a real collapse may occur this time around,… by design. – JD

  2. Welcome back JD!!!!!! Did you keep your chickens and take them to your new home? Best wishes to you, Carrie and the family. I think that is your wife’s name?

    1. Hi Misty,

      Wonderful to see your still here!

      Chickens: YES!,.. the chickens are here with us! In fact, it was the chickens that slowed down our move to our new house. This is because we’re in a more open area, so there are more raccoons, coyotes, foxes, hawks, etc, so I had to build a predator proof run for them before we could move them here, and until the chickens could move, we couldn’t since they require daily care. (Yes,.. we love our chickens,… hahahaha)

      Wife: Kerry, as in County Kerry, Ireland, where her mother grew up, and we use to also go spend part of our summers at her mom’s house there.


    1. HI NC,

      Nice to hear from you also brother!

      Nazi-Jersey: Becoming more Nazified that ever under this new POS Governor Murphy. He’s more communist than most communists.

      I’m going to enjoy watching him hang for Treason, Theft, Corruption and for just being plain stupid & ugly.

      I noticed there has been no shortage of Hemp Rope,… or Piano Wire yet. Good,… we’re going to need A LOT of it soon!


      1. JD, I thought for sure you’d say you’d moved out of that state. Must have family there, some roots, that would keep you in that goofy state.

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