7 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 31, 2022

  1. 37, sun, mega chemtrails
    I spoke with someone today that never heard the term chemtrail, didn’t have a clue about all those white lines crisscrossing in the sky. I kid you not

  2. I went to the big city today. Walmart has zero eggs on the shelves…for the past two weeks. Another store in town has a 2 carton limit per customer.

    Gas price here $4.55 per gallon (no ethanol)

  3. Just an off subject comment re: todays podcast. Did you know who owned the slave trade ships? JEWS!!!! They are “white” when it is convenient for them to be white. Otherwise they are Jews. They LOVE blaming whites for the slave trade.

    1. Wow, Rob, so far this is the article of the day. Had me praying, “Oh please God, let this be an April Fools joke.” It turned my stomach into a knot and is ruining my morning. They are rubbing it in our face. They know those words (New World Order) are trigger words for free people everywhere. The sheikh basically says that national sovereignty is outdated and modeled after the eighteen hundreds. How they are LUSTING after control. And they have the AUDACITY to come right out and call their forum “WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT.” Is not the globe shaking after such threats, and are not its people readying to fight this? Yes, and YES!!!!!


      1. All I know is that I’m going to use my second article that God gave me and the Bill of Rights is going to be enforced yes I might die in the process but guess what they didn’t take my liberty.

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